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Stuck in Paper Cabin Study Room with error Division By Zero

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Three days ago, i became MP3 and were took to Paper Cabin Study Room.

Then i always got error message like:

[quote]Warning: Division by zero in /home/magicdue/public_html/conf/config.php on line 464[/quote]

Please see the attachment image for more information.


Anyone want to see this error also can try this way: go to Cabin room, click on my name "BloodDonator"

Please help me, i'm stucking with this room in 3days, ;(

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By the way, I also tried many ways but there is no way to get out of this cabin.
Ways i tried:
1. Logout then Login
2. Logout --> Restart Browser --> Login
3. Clear browser cache and do 1 and 2 again
4. Switch from Internet Explorer 7 to Firefox 3.04 and do 1, 2, 3 again.
5. Restart the computer and do 1, 2, 3, 4 again.
6. Ask for help from some supporters

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I was stuck in the Paper cabin for two days. I reported it three ways to get help. The first way was to ask the live chat person for help. I had mixed results. Some only had information on playing, so they couldn't help. Raven came to me in the room. Then she called in more help from Rex Umbrae Killer. They also brought in dst..

However, they weren't able to fix the error. Sagewoman suggested going to the home page and finding the contact address for someone. I found the staff page and the contact email. It is beta@magicduel.com

I sent them an email. First I got an automated reply. Which I had to answer so that they knew I was a person. Then they sent and acknowledgement. I didn't hear from them for a day or so, but then they emailed that they had fixed the problem and to contact them if I had anymore trouble.

Since I wasn't sure how that was going. I also came to the forum to find help. I went to the alpha 8 posting. I wasn't able to reply, so I cheated. I sent a protest explaining my problem. Chewett responded to me.

So I am not sure who got me unstuck, but I really appreciate their help. Anyone else having the problem should probably contact both Chewett here by email and the staff form from your own email location.

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severin is talking about the story you play at the beginning (with killing the shades and stuff) (yes, some people actually manage to get stuck there xD), but i don't think that's your problem, that doesn't fit with the screen you posted...
if you were actually stuck in story, the game would tell you what to do, and not show you an error nobody knows =D

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Good. Someone finally opened a topic about this error (I forgot to do it...). I talked to Mur. I need the names and the IDs of all the players who have this kind of errors. If you have it...post it here. If you see someone that has it ask him/her to post it here or do it yourself.

Thank you

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[quote name='kayla ulican' post='21196' date='Dec 4 2008, 04:11 AM']Raven came to me in the room. Then she called in more help from Rex Umbrae Killer. They also brought in dst..[/quote]
:offtopic: Just to note I am he. lol
And Rex was there out of curiosity :pardon:

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[quote name='Raven' post='21232' date='Dec 4 2008, 03:20 PM']:offtopic: Just to note I am he. lol
And Rex was there out of curiosity :pardon:[/quote]

Just a rumour but raven used to be a carrot dont be tricked by his new apearance!!

And this is interesting...3 days ago...? Then it cant have...any connection with that sudden annoying bug that apeared on my mp3 2 days ago...cant remember mb yesterday? Time in RL and time in MD...hard to explain and remember:P Oops...mb addicted now 0.o

Either way gd luck getting out...that cabin scares me:P

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