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[quote name='Burns' post='23154' date='Dec 30 2008, 02:48 PM']is there a school for that sort of sarcasm? i want to have some^^

seriously, wander, you get all sorts of advertisements more than once, think only of the stupid protector PM's, those few extra from Glai won't hurt you xD

oh, and while i'm here, i'd still like to be in the staff of the paper, i like little work and long deadlines, and i know about some of the things going on ingame, as i'm online for training quite a lot =)[/quote]
burns: LOL actually being a MR people dont spam me with those things as they have the sense that I am loyal to MRD and already have a protector.

glai: i never said it was illegal or wrong I am just asking for them to stop thanks.

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Return of the long posts!

What the world expects of me! I started distributing those "spam PMs" as you so term them at maybe 1:30 in the morning so I wouldn't be under the surveillance of my discerning brother and parents. By 2:00 (at which point I had gone through the players at the Gazeebo, Well of Fortune and was going through the playerlist of Fenths Press) someone was turning in bed and I became fearful; I hasted to brush my teeth and prepare for bed. As my suspicions dictated, Mom got up soon afterward and made a disapproving face to see me up so late no matter if I was in the midst of retiring; I don't know what she would have said had she found me playing some game. For you see, we share a single room with five computers. It's called, "The Computer Room." It's the room that is most occupied by our family. All members are constantly harping about how I'm not doing homework, too. So now you know why you don't see Glai during daylight hours. It's easier to sneak onto the forums than onto the actual game.

So, anyway, that is why I didn't manage to distribute my lovely spam to everyone. I don't think I will get to it until school starts again and I can sneak onto the game during 7th period. Don't worry, you'll most likely receive one.. eventually.

@MRWander, come now. Need I explain the obvious relevance of legality to your position? Please don't say you don't conceive that in the first place I didn't mean to send duplicates to and thus so violate your sanctified inbox. From that it can be inferred that I've already done all that is within my lowly ability to prevent the event, save for actually stopping the survey--I can't do that, not in phase 1, not even for your pained finger. Hence, legality: convincing me my action doesn't possess it is your only recourse if you want me to do more for the sake of stopping them. Now, I don't know whether you're just little dense or whiny or really do mean me to stop the survey, but either way, your wishes are near irrelevant to me. Now you understand my ire in having to respond to them?

Look here. I know you must be generally easy to get along with; I'm not. You've accomplished your purpose, for I will involuntarily recognize your name above all the others I won't regardless of whether or not I think that it is fair as the consequence of a complaint on the forums. We've exchanged pain, hey? You over your finger and calm and I over the time spent explaining such a thing as this. I know you are the victim of inconvenience here and mocking aside, I really am sorry, but I don't want to be furthered bothered about this lest it is meaningful. Play MD, roleplay on Gaia, chill out--anything but continue this discussion about an accidental pm. :)

@Burns, welcome. I think I'm going to do my history DBQ now.

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Okay I'm gonna go out on a limb here and attempt to drag this topic kicking and screaming back to the subject of the newspaper before an all out war begins.

It's almost as if Myrrh read my mind on this one.

A while ago Pamplemousse and myself were batting about some new ideas for the archivists. One of these ideas was an illustrated history of MD, but I think this idea is an evolution of that and would be a much better outlet for it.

I realise i've come into this very very late, and if I repeat anyone's ideas i'm sorry, I don't mean to tread on any toes here but i'm just gonna chuck in my thoughts.

1. Frequency - Don't know if this has been addressed, but I remember reading that weekly was mentioned, I think maybe fortnightly or even monthly might be better.

2. Content - Clearly it'll contain news from around MD, but on top of this there could be a history section each issue, I also like the idea of a cartoon, also perhaps each issue could contain a story by one of the archivists. If Mur would allow, it could also feature competitions, as an outlet for people who want to make quests but aren't yet RPC's. It could also feature information on current quests that RPC's have. This way it saves newer players from trawling old forums for the more historical aspects of the game.

3. Other ideas - If it is put out monthly or fortnightly, it could be put within the MD shop as a free item. If we could get this up and running properly, (I don't know if it'd be possible, i'm just opening my brain and letting it spew forth) then Mur might be able to put some advertising in it for other games as a separate source of income for the game.

These are just my thoughts on it, but like I say i'm not trying to take over or anything like that (I really hope that's not how it sounds) and i'm not sure how far in the project is, but basically what i'm saying is i'd like to be part of it.

i'd be happy to write for the paper, I know a few other people in game that'd be up for helping i'm sure.

Please feel free to comment on anything i've mentioned.


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Gargant, how offensive it is that you suggest I would engage in a petty war! Hmph.

As for your ideas, I don't disagree with them--yet. But I don't feel this is the right time and place for these suggestions about content and whatnot. First it should be decided whether or not there is truly enough interest in the project for it to start at all. myrrh may have been more polite and perhaps less biased than me, but I don't think the project was going well under his hand. He was trying to do several things at once: spread awareness, collect team members, decide content, make the layout, consider the ideas of everyone and Mur, all the while learning about MD as a new player. That's disorganized and stressing; it's no wonder he gave up so soon.

You asked where the project is. So you skipped [u][url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=2891&view=findpost&p=23126"]my post[/url][/u], hmm? I don't blame you, since it's a long topic to read now, but I don't only write rants, Garg. >:) If we're going to follow my schematic, we're in phase 1: surveying the playerbase of MD to get a feeling of how much readership and support any future paper might have. If we don't have a significant amount, there's no point in going further. I still haven't finished distributing the survey pms nor have I even started calculating the results, so it might be a while before we figure out whether or not we'll progress. Now, I know I'm acting as if I own this thing and we should all go by my wisdom. But we should. Ohohoho! Well, no. If you can convince me there is a better way, do so.

I think if we do go according to my plan and get past phase 1, we ought to ditch this thread for discussing content and style. It'll be too cluttered and inaccessible for any who want to join in later. But we won't want several newspaper threads going on here.. suggestions about that?

Ahem, welcome Gargant and cryxus. I'll talk to Yami about LS later.

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Glai, plase don't be offended, I was only kidding about the war thing.

As for not knowing what stage the project was up to, that was because I was writing my reply at silly o'clock in the morning on the night before I was due to leave for Ireland. (I know it was a stupid idea, but I wanted to say it before I went as i'd have forgotten it all by the time I got back.

Also, when I get back from Ireland i'll have a chat with pample about this and see if we can get the archivists involved, it shouldn't be a problem unless we have a lot going on.

If you need any help with the organisation side of things i'd be happy to give you a hand. I know how stressful big projects like this can be, the awards nearly had me tearing my hair out.

Rather than distributing PM's for publicity, would it not be easier to set up a poll on a separate froum topic? Just a thought.

I agree with you on the subject of ditching this post though. When we get past stage one we should start a new forum topic, or even a new subforum in it's own right. But I'm getting ahead of myself a bit.

I'm certain we can get this up and runnning, it's just a matter of making sure things get done.

I'll be back on wednesday so i'll probably be back on here by thursday, so until then...

Bye all!

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Garg, please don't say that, you must know that I was joking myself. Right? n'__'n

I don't believe the forums would generate any more support for this project than it already has. The point of surveying players individually ingame was to prompt reply and include those who don't visit the forums regularly in the evaluation.

I'm iffy about continuing use of these forums. Manu's expressed that he's not against integrating the newspaper into his game kind of like the Archives, but I don't really care for that idea.. so I kind went, yeah, do you mind if we operate independently in the beginning? Besides my own personal preferences, this project has a high risk of early failure, making it kind of inappropriate for game endorsement until it's secure. So, you see, if we do start walking, then we might make adjustments to be part of the game. Maybe. >_>

Anyway, the forums are official. The newspaper is as of this moment unofficial. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Besides that, the forums are uninviting. So I sort of think, maybe a simple wiki or something for the development if the newspaper gets further. But I suppose since not many care much about forum content anyway, the forums are still an option.

Anyway, school started again. I'm going to continue the survey and start calculating.

[b]Current count[/b]
Response: 28
A (Not interested): 1
B (Would read it): 10
C (Want to be notified about developments): 7
D (Want to provide input at discretion): 7
E (Want to actively be part of project): 3

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[b]Current count[/b]

Response: 49
A (not interested): 1
B (would read it): 16
C (want to be notified about developments): 11
D (want to provide input at discretion): 13
E (want to actively be part of project): 5

I know there's a discrepancy in numbers but I can't spend the time to figure out where I went wrong at this moment.

And the people I know of who want to help with the project but haven't yet been included in the survey: 5

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Oh Glai, give over, I know you were only joking ^_^

Put me down in category E without a doubt.

umm.....I'm sure I was going to put something else here, but I can't remember for the life of me what it is...

Helping my girlfriend unpack right now....well....keeping out of the way cos I don't know where her stuff goes....but I call it helping....But anyway my mind will be back on track tomorrow.

*Wanders off to find what he was going to say*

hmm....Nope...it's gone.


Glai i've spoken to Pample and she's definitely in. She's gonna propose the idea to the other archivists to see who is interested.

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Ok i may be seem a little late but havent been on that much lately but i would like to participate,i think the newspaper should be used just as a real one,matching events in the game but unlike the AL,talking about feats made by players or only a really good rping/funny(like the frog incident or pubs parties),and too to make announcements of dead people since we can die war mode.....(yes lately i`ve been developing a dark humor reading the "dead page" lol)

P.S.:By the way im good with criticism about movies,books and those types of thing,could make few stories about day to day life and some news about events in MD World(like dates,tournaments,parties and life Forbes,lol,the woman and man with the most influence on MD in the month.Im only bad at cooking....nooo culinary pages for me

P.S².:oh right i could too make interview(not with rpc`s everyone know them) oriented to know more about active players like where they like to hang out,favorite monsters and things that they like and hate about players(if possible some coments about others players)

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Well after that very orange meal (Tomato soup with double gloucester cheese and Iron brew to drink, three of the most orange foods known to man (Apart from obviously the humble orange)) I can finally start my post.

*Trumpets Sound* THE POST HAS BEGUN!

Glai, I know there's no rush but it's gonna be difficult for me to be online over the next 2-3 days so I want to get things done. Also when I get on a project I like I tend to work at 300MPH in order to get things up and running as soon as possible.

Thinking ahead again, if you were wanting to raise awareness for the newspaper. We could probably ask calyx to put an announcement in the top right corner box. People seem to pay a lot of attention to things put up in there.

On the subject of archy support, I know that Pample has already got inno's support. So you can add pample and inno to category E.

Also if we need to discuss things about the newspaper would it be easier for people to have YIM, might it be a plan if people who have it were to swap addresses in order to communicate more effectively than using the forums?

I'm sure there was more I was gonna put...

It doesn't seem like I had much of a point now that i've written all that out.

hmm...Oh well.

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Okay, okay. Let's speed things up then, if you wish, but you or someone else will have to lead the project since I don't have the time or stamina for that. The survey really isn't necessary, it was just a novel idea I yielded to since I have scruples about dealing with MD bureacracy. :< However, knowing MD, there are probably no regulations about that announcement box, so as long as Calyx/whoever else it concerns is fine with it, I think that's a good bet.

Going along this thread, Chewett, could we have a probationary section for the newspaper discussions? Maybe later on, there will be more player-operated projects that can be grouped in the same location. After all, these forums are used as much if nor more for community enjoyment as for the game, hm?

If both Che and Calyx agree, we can skip phase 1 and just start open discussion about content. We have a little group from which we can culture more interest, perhaps. For anyone who wishes to talk to me more conveniently, you can use my yahoo ID infaceta. I have my other contact information in my profile. However, I think the forums or a similar place are still important, since not all have ymsg and people can freely provide input on a whim while seeing what others have said before them.

If possible, I'd like to be more of an advisor than leader and you seem to have more initiative than me, so that settles things for now. However, we need to decide what plan we're going to follow now. Adopt mine, or do you want operate another way? Technically, if you have a vision and don't especially care about the thoughts of others, we could forgo discussion and instead just begin work as long as we already have a workbase. That does disagree with me, though.

@Glor and Tree, I'll put you down on the list I have.

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If you wish I will lead the project but I still want you to have as much input as possible since you've done so much work up to this point.

I have a lot of free time at the moment so I can probably give this project a lot of love and attention.

I don't have a 'vision' as such and i'm not going to continue without listening to others, i'm just not like that.

I agree glai that a sub forum might be a good idea IF chewett would be up for implementing that.

Also with relation to the plan, i'm liking your schematic so we can stick to that, but i'm not really one for plans so it'll probably be less organised, which is why i'd definitely need you as an advisor, but I think that between the two of us and with all the people interested in helping then we can get this thing off the ground.

It might be useful if you could send me the list of names of people interested that you have so far Glai.

If we can get a good list then the subforum that might be set up can be made only available to the people on the newspaper team so it can be used to plan next issues without other people seeing what we've got coming up in the next issues.

hmm...I think that's it for now...
If I think of anything else i'll post it next time i'm here.


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Just so you know glai the project is in good hands with me.

I've got a Media degree and part of it was involved in journalism, partially newspapers but other types too.

Anyway my thinking is that it might be nice to get manu back on side, I read that you wanted minimal help for him but I think that it could be for the community AND the game, although an in game guild might not be necessary, the advertising that could be put in the paper could also benefit Manu for the good of the game.

I think we'd need to get out an issue of it as a trial run. There are details to iron out with this, but I think that if the three of us can come to an agreement (Manu, Glai and myself) about the execution of the newspaper idea, I think it could become a worthwhile project for all concerned. I'm getting ahead of myself here though, this is very far down the line.

Tomorrow, i'm gonna go through this topic and gather together everyone's ideas for content to one post, this is mainly for me but I think it would help us all to have it all in one place.

This way people can pick what sort of writing they want to do, whether they want to do editing, artwork etc. I'm predicting that each section of the newspaper would need a small team of maybe 2-3 people for writing/editing/artwork.

More news to come soon.

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But Gargant! My importance extends far beyond experience! After all, what sort of newspaper would it be without my influence? O'_'O

But I do admit I didn't think you had any background like that. You should have said. l:< I feel betrayed now. Were you trying to hide something from me?! Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what a studying for a media degree entails, but I'm sure it'll be helpful for anyone who wants to lead this sort of thing.

I'm not against the newspaper being part of the game, distributed within the game and so on, as long as it is the players who make the newspaper. A guild could make sense too, eventually. However, I feel queasy about implementing the newspaper into the game before getting it established and running smoothly; it puts pressure, you know? The same thing with advertising. On this side, being official right off doesn't really help, except maybe with publicity. Supposing we do become comfortable, maybe a couple of issues through, we can make adjustments for being worked into the game. That's my thought.

Garg, I'm thinking new topics for discussion about content, though I agree we should go back and see what people have suggested so far. The suggestions aren't very numerous and don't decisively determine anything yet, though with you perhaps they're only needed for guidance. This is the time during which those who are interested in reading or helping with the paper can help mold the future product; after you've concretely decided the defining features of it, we can see what specifically different team members will do. What do you think?

Although I can't tell well now, not without knowing what different sections we'll have and big they'll be, I think it will take a lot people working than that number of 2-3, which is much of why I believe this project [i]is[/i] going to be hard to get going without much support.

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I know glai, you've brought the project so far. I wasn't saying that you're not important to the project, that's not what I meant at all.

I know what you mean about the feeling ill at ease with it being implemented before it is running smoothly, that's why I think the first few issues should be out of game, sent to Manu direct so he can look them over, make sure we're doing things that he will like as well as the rest of the players. We can distribute them via the forums for the first few issues.

I'll get on trying to gain support for ideas for content, not just form the newspaper team, but from as many players a s possible.

I'll also set up a new topic based on the ones we've got from here.


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Well in the interest of stopping this topic from turning into a Glaistig and Gargant yoyo fest:-

I'd like to volunteer my services.

I was thinking of maybe having an alliance section for the paper? Or a spotlight on an alliance each issue, where the alliances get to talk about themselves or whatever they want.

You could let me do a special Firs section, but to be honest I couldnt guarantee the sanity of that section. Infact, I'd pretty much guarantee that it would be completely pointless, but hopefully entertaining. (notice I said but there, no guarantees on that either)

Perhaps an interview with Firs, where I interview people and ask them thought provoking and highly intelligent and stimulating questions (i.e what is your favourite colour, who is the hottest man/woman in MD).

If you want a section on booze and tobacco, well Im your man for that, no question about it.

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Firs, we have moved away from this topic.

There is a new one called 'MD content discussion', there is a complete(ish) list of content in there. I want to keep it all to that post, you can post which area you wish to be involved in, and also how you wish to be involved in it on that topic.

Having said that, thanks for your support.

As soon as we get an idea of who wants to write what we can start work on our first issue.


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