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The Crimson Alliance


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It's okay. We have a basic disagreement that's hard to reconcile.

If I were a pirate, I would go, "The sea is my home," and insist on it being the official location marked down on alliance documents regardless of the prompt being home~land~, or else just be pirates without an alliance symbol. I'm cool like that. But if you think of Golemus as your homeland, who am I to demand that you don't? If you don't feel like you're compromising, why should I make you feel as if you are?

So.. right now, this is where I am: I no longer argue that you're committing a roleplaying sin by forsaking an essential part of your identity to gain an alliance, not if you've determined otherwise. It makes me feel queasy that you would choose Golemus over the sea as a pirate, though. It's just.. seems off.

The important thing is that I'm not currently convinced you roleplay badly now. But I'm not yet ready to hand over my support. The queasiness I feel makes me not want to, especially since I haven't seen evidence that you roleplay well. I have some questions now.

Why do you believe a pirate guild/alliance in MD would make the game better?
Do you feel that a pirate guild/alliance could fit in well with the MD world?
What kind of ideology do you pirates have? How do you fit the name, "pirates"?

Answer these questions well, not like in the introduction.. I want to know if you are going to use asterisks to simulate the existence of your ship, or if you want more than that. I want to know how exactly you plan to access those lands you want to explore. I want to know if really, pirates can trade information better than the Archivists and other alliances who already do that. What, exactly, are you pirates going to do with an alliance that would make it worth giving one to you?

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I feel this be a good time to say this about pirates, pirates were oftend really sided with a land and were call privateers and told to make sure that land controls the sea but were called pirates by other lands, so if cry were to side with GG, it actually make him more of a pirate not less sorry to bring facts in again and kill part of your point Glaistig

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I appreciate you bringing this into a much more well-founded discussion.
I will answer your questions out of order so I can process them as a more complete thought...

"Do you feel that a pirate guild/alliance could fit in well with the MD world?"

Yes, because pirates can exist in any circumstance, they are a subculture that every society eventually spawns after a certain point. They are people who work by their own means, whatever means they see fit, to gain what it is they want. I can't think of any society that relied on water travels, and bordered water, that didnt have pirates that came from it, not to say that there arent any, just saying if there are they are few and far between.

I would like to mention pirates arent something that is created from any set thing, other than people's desire to work for a different means, and also for personal gain, and thus can really exist in any society, no matter what you call them, and whether anyone else thinks they "fit" there or not.

"Why do you believe a pirate guild/alliance in MD would make the game better?"

Yes I think the exploration we are pushing for would be a great boon of interest for the whole of the society. Also we hope to create a few tensions and make an alliance unlike the current alliances, in the regard that we are willing to shake things up. Like I mentioned, we are neither good, bad, or neutral but rather work towards a mean that benefits us. I think this would spawn plenty of player interst.

"What kind of ideology do you pirates have? How do you fit the name, "pirates"?"

We believe in working towards our own means,and it is hard to give you and example because this is a sort of "as we come to it" situation. There is not a set currency in the realm, which makes the concept or piracy a bit abstract to some, but there is wealth in other means. For example wishpoints, and information could persuade us to act in a certain manner, and maybe someone else comes at us from a different angle, we would weigh which is more benificial, and act acordingly.

And the introduction was purposely vague because it is hard to say which endeavors we may decide to undertake, it will likely depend on the crew's input as well as my own, because ideally we will be a cohesive unit, and their opinion will weigh heavily on the actions the guild takes.

And currently we do have a ship at Storm Harbor called "The Crimson Blade Ship" (the ship part on the end is a bit unnecessary, and the ship I envisioned was quite a bit larger, but I am happy just to have a ship that doesnt exist purely in an imaginary way)

As far as the lands I plan to explore I am currently bouncing ideas between certain people of interest, and I have faith that once it is done it will be worthy of placing in MD

and as far as "trading information better than the archivists" I didnt know they traded it, I know they keep it for their own interests, and sometimes documentation, but i plan on using information as a bargaining chip, as i bid others do with us to gain our favor.

I think a culmination of all these things would make us an alliance worthy of MD, but hey, thats just a matter of my opinion and a few others, and really it is up to you to think whether it makes us worthy in your mind or not...

~Captain Cryxus X'hal of the Crimson Blade~

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Pirates were not clained by the sea they were in, but by the land where they came from and returned to. Plain and simnple pirates need a land base not just the sea. do they never dock? Heck no they have to dock somewhere. I support cryx and his role to such extents i would give him MY alliance if need be. His role is great, his ideas are great. GG is the best area for his homeland. He loves Golemus more than most of us. He has done his research and he chose Golemus for a good reason.

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Thanks MRD, you're a true mate. You know I'd never take your alliance though :D it will always be yours in my opinion, and I shall always consider you a mentor.


P.S. Thank you also Storm, I appeciate the input, as always :D

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I was trying to end it, I realised it was a very poor choice to argue such a moot point, but at the end I did appreciate the questions (s)he presented during the last post (s)he put up.

I was trying to wrap up the arguing myself

I quote:
"I still resent that you claim that I am playing my role in a less than befitting manner, but I hope to conclude this argument here."

Anyhow I tried to bring the post around by answering some of the more serious questions, and part of the reason I spent so much time with it is because it kept getting brought up despite my repeated efforts to explain my stance on the issue, and I wanted to make an end all be all stance on the issue.

Anyhow i will refrain from any further instances, and apologies,


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Don't worry Che, we are arguing, but that's what the forums are for, right? Debate and discussion. Sometimes it gets heated but we're okay.

I'm not far from giving my support but the thing is, I don't really know if the idea can be well-integrated into MD. What you describe as pirates is cool.. as long as they can make an impact, influence things. You say you want to shake up things, but will your crew make a difference? I can't visualize it much. Trading/bartering for information can only get you so far when almost all the alliances do that to some extent. Even if you claim yourself to be a militia, you have to actually be useful and needed. As for exploration, what's the difference from you and the Dimensional Shifters or whatever they're called? What's the difference between you and people who want to make mercenary alliances? What if you end up an alliance, but basically just have a ship?

But all the alliances are kind of like that anyway. LR wanted to be elite. Necro wanted to be mysterious and powerful. GG wanted to be an efficient militia for the good. How much is their success today? They're just idling ducks that sign a noncombat agreement, pretending they're accomplishing something. Not to make anybody feel bad, but it's not like any potential failure of yours will be much of a downfall. Trying is best, anyway. The MRs succeeded. :)

So.. I want to see what you can do.

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Thank you very much Glai :D i appreciate all you've said, whether or not you can believe it.

and hopefully i can clear up a few minor details you brought up.

We will differ from the Dimensional Shifters in the fact that we will push the borders for exploration, whereas, to the extent of my knowledge, the Dimensional Shifters just transport people where they are needed.

We, as the Crimson Alliance would ideally not be able to transport people anywhere other than water-based landmasses we may discover, and also Golemus, if that is even possible anymore, and that is just so they could reach the actual ship.

As far as the bartering information, i never said that we were unique in the fact that we seek it, but rather what we will do with.

And the difference between us and a mercenary alliance is our scope of things, ideally we will have various areas of interest, and perhaps some day we will get narrowed down as time passes, and we find a more permanent niche'. In short, mercany work isn't going to be our only interest.

Also we don't exactly want to be "elite" only recognised as a force that is influencial, we don't want to be in the spotlight per say, but we don't intend to cling to the shadows either, i would like a happy medium.

And like I said, i truly appreciate the respose Glai, thank you.


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[i]Who wouldn't appreciate my beautiful responses? The generous effort and passion I put into giving input.. n__n... Eh..?

[/i]Ah, I was wondering, so, where are your hopes right now in terms of success? I hate MD bureacracy.. It must be such a nightmare. >_> Specifically, I mean, have you even gotten in personal contact with Manu?

Ah, don't worry..! It's okay. Determination!

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[center]No, unfortunately i havent spoken to anyone that could significantly impact the creation of this guild, at least on the topic of this guild. I hope the day comes soon, though, but we all know how notoriously spontanteously, and sparaticly things happen in MD.

Anyhow i can only hope that they feel this alliance is a worthy one, but i feel i am ready for it whenever the time comes, and i hope it comes sooner than later. ^_^


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I like the idea of this guild and support it fully.

I beleve that the Allaince would be a great benefit to Golemus and it allies.
Having a port and home base for the ships would be great and this would also
help with exploration of the outer realms.

Cry you know this already. I support your Allaince idea and we have spoken
All we need do now is work on getting it recognaised and have your alaince in


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This alliance has my support, the captain has been most honorable with his dealings, as well as most curtious to his crew, whom he always looks out for. He has the support of the myself in the creation of this guild, and I have faith he will lead this alliance well and won't pester Loreroot lands again. (Not that he did any damage but still...)

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See? This is a way an alliance leader should behave! Even if I was against it at the beginning, Cryxus proved that his alliance will make waaay more sense then lots of other alliances/guilds and that he can handle such a task (aka creating and more important keeping alive an alliance).And the stunt he pulled today was just great! He worked for his alliance and he deserves it. Good job Cryxus!

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I just think that if Cryxus play well this alliance,and from what happened already he did its going to change MD alliances very much,nowadays alliances like Glai said are iddly sitting ducks.....making threaties with everyone that comes in the way,not that we want a Bush type alliance but at least be involved in the alliance something that isnt been seen in any alliance so far,everything that iis asked to make has to go through a lot of burocracy and still has a chance of being rejected,there are so many things that could be done in each alliance besides war,holding up festivities every week,making holydays for MD...well there are soo many ideas that its difficult to order all of them....

People just lost the meaning of whats being in an Alliance and land,they think you just have to put on your papers enought babbling things to be accepted then never talk about them again.

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