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Creature abilities and Weapon reasearches


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As we all know that once our creature evolves....its ability also changes but if a creature becomes max level......its ability becomes stagnant ( If I am right). I would suggest to keep a Win and XP requirement for such creatures so that meeting those requirements will make them learn a new attack.......

Suppose a chaos archer........has damage ability......now suppose if he wins some 350 battles and have 5lakh xp....he should learn a new ability like "Thousand Arrows" or something. Similarily to other creatures also.

Now comes to the weapons. We require a weapon research centre so that new and enhanced weapons can be added and the weapons that we are using should have an impact on the creature
For example

I have 3 archers and if have amazons fury (bow).......archers ability should enhance more. If I have an axe as weapon, my aramors ability should enhance more than others. I would also suggest to have weapons for creatures too.......

Aramors can have enhanced silver axe, archers can get some special arrows.

I thinK I will be able to help in these.......

[font="Arial Black"]Do see my papers.....I am doing some researches.[/font]

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very interesting ideas...
i especailly like the weapon idea, but i'd go further and suggest that there should be a set that enhances certain creatures, else i could take my medusas pants for loreroot creatures, my sun god helmet for the no mans creatures, the amazons fury for all archers and the royal guards gloves for marinds creatures, and all in all set a rit with creatures two times as strong as they usually are...
i'd say there should be a whole set that makes one certain type of creatures stronger, and that set should be one that is "weak" in overall stat-bonuses, that would get some kind of individuality to the realm...
but i don't agree with the new abilities idea, usually, i grow creautres to a certain level to sacc them to get more stats and grow stronger, if a creature would gain something endlessly, i would start farming 6 creatures and make them get killer-attacks that take my enemy out in the first strike... who cares for stats if you could also get a ele with all-ability and 50 power? xD

assumption: i like the second idea, but i don't like the first one^^

but i assume that setting new equips is hard for manu, because the things need to be somehow balanced, and to some players, 30k vp is no problem, while it seems out of reach to others...
dst, just for example, could get the new equip within two hours, test it and get himself a new killer-army within a week, while players who are just starting mp5 have absolutely no chance to get the value points needed for the latest equips...

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Yeah weapon sets will be specific to certain creatures...... I think it can be easily applied to Grasans, archers and aramors because they already have some weapons with them . The weapons that the player is holding also will be easily applicable to these creatures. I think we can apply this to Axe, bows, clubs (only one of this can be holded at a time na?)..... so if you have more archers, you buy the amazon's fury, if you have more Grasans buy a club etc....... so that at a time only one type of creature is enhanced

I think we can do it this way ........say you have 3 Max level Grasans and suppose one of them meets the criteria for new ability and he learns it, this will inhibit the other two Grasans from learning it.......and suppose you are sacrificing the first Grasan, one of the remaining two who satisfies the criteria can learn the ability........... or we can limit that special attack to one turn only say the first turn. In other turns it can do its regular attack.

I don't like sacrificing the creatures once it has grown to a stronger level.....it is a real pain and now talking about VP, i think winning a battle should give a permanent status upgrade ie may be 10-50 Vp or something...........and I am really not interested in going after the weird quests by rpcs (no offence meant)...... Now talking about new weapons for creatures....it should also be done like this.....

1. A lower VP cost.
2. Win criteria.
3. Experience

and may be we can limit the equipment for one of creatures of a type......

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k, weapons solve the problem, you can really only bear one weapon at a time...xD

but still, even if only one creature from each creature-group can learn a special strike, and even if that strike is only applied in the first turn, that would be murderous...
atm, 6 grasans is about one of the strongest rits, but if that new eature was implemented, i would make a rit with only one creature of each sort, and imagine you face a grasan with "heavy strike" dealing 500 weaken to all, a archer with "rapid fire" dealing 500 damage to all, a knator "supersonic attack" dealing 750 dmg to multiple and a lore archer "thousands arrows" dealing 200 dmg to all in the first round, that makes 1700 dmg to all and 2950 dmg on all those who get hit by the knator, WITHOUT stats-bonus, and people with 400 attack are not that rare, that sums up to 2000/3350 dmg IN THE FIRST STRIKE!!
that would take the fun out of the game...
with the actual system,only a handful of players CAN do such things to your creatures, but the normal players are far from it, so you can defeat most people with the right ritual, but if any player who attacks enough noobs can get such an army, you will have a hard time raising creatures...

and saccing is what we have the creatures for, there's a reason why we have 16 slots and only 6 can do combat at once ;-)
imagine what happened if you could grow your max vp by winning: people would start attacking beginners and near-dead even harder than they do atm, and would end up with full sun god set at mp3, making them gods of mp3...

that's not such a great idea, is it? =D

and if you made that weapons with low vp costs, beginners could get them, and therefore the weapon must be nearly useless, because if you give a weapon that seems good for mp5 to a noob, he is a mp3 god again, and that's what we don't want...
strong equips must be over 10k to make sure that no mp3 gets them by accident, and really strong things need a value over 20k^^

i know that it sounds hard for mp3's and maybe even for mp4's, but if some of them could get strong equips by exploiting vp system, the game would grow very very unbalanced, and if ALL could get those equips, even without finding a way to get high temp vp, the equips would grow totally pointless...
take a look at mp5, nearly everyone is running around with a full medusa and the sun gods helmet because it's officially the strongest equip you can get, and therefore, equips grow pointless, because everyone's the same anyways...

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there is hardly a way to satisfy you...
new weapons are always nice, but it's hard to implement new ones that can be used at mp3 and 4...
new weapons are normally better than old ones, and the best atm cost about 20k, so the next step would be 30k...
and giving strong equips to low levels is kind of pointless, as i have already explained, it would either not work and get the game unbalanced or grow useless when everyone uses them...
it's very hard work to get new items implemented and keep the game balanced, maybe even impossible...

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[quote name='Pipstickz' date='18 September 2009 - 03:18 AM' timestamp='1253224106' post='42017']
Nono, the worst thing was letting ME play it :)

People like me who uses free credits are not able to make much use of it ;-) .... and I think players should be given the power to assign the tokens to a creature which he wants.....


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[quote name='dragonrider7' date='18 September 2009 - 07:38 AM' timestamp='1253259522' post='42044']

People like me who uses free credits are not able to make much use of it ;-) .... and I think players should be given the power to assign the tokens to a creature which he wants.....


we would all love to be able to put the tokens on the creatures that we want, also to use the "pimp" on the grasan that we want, but ... this will raise a lot of problems

i mean ... really strong creatures with the correct combination of tokens ... IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN

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Well, I haven't seen any rings yet, but there is a spot for them.

how about this: a ring of the bull , raising archers their stats. costs 15k valuepoints.

Ring of the moon, raising 5% stats of the knators. It doesen't have to be much, just a slight enchancement and perhaps a few very exspensive rings with a little more stats gain.., it must be extra an unique, and the differance between winning and losing, not the differance between gods and beggars..

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[quote name='Pipstickz' date='09 December 2009 - 02:07 AM' timestamp='1260324446' post='49476']
Rings? We already have tokens. They give enough of a bonus.

Tokens are bound to a creature, rings are bound to your personal stats. thereby there is already a spot for rings, (spot 9 and 10)

So that gives me the idea Mur was already thinking of inplanting such idea..

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hey, something just crossed my mind... so i have to write it down, else i'll forget about it xD

Some time ago, the equip-weapons were changed to give a %-based boost instead of absolute numbers, and i guess that was done for a reason (namely because of massive abuse with sun god and medusa sets on alts, i think)

What still remains unchanged, though, is the house and ally-boost, which makes newbies massively stronger, too

With upcoming citizenship, which might or might not include house boosts for citizens, maybe those boosts should be revised, too...

It's not too much of a problem with allies since those are pretty limited and rather role-based, even when some seats in allies seem to be taken mainly for the house-boosts and regens, but with citizenship, which will most probably be given out on a larger scale than ally-seats, people might tend to pick a land solely for the purpose of stat-boni, and the abusive character would be a lot bigger when people can't be attacked by higher mps as it happens in allies

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