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Illusion Test Bugs

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Bug: Self-spelling

While illusioned as a Wodin's Guard and a Healer, I was able to cast the heal spell on myself with my normal name, but the vitality just disappeared instead of returning to me.

[color="#0000FF"]Heal is not ment to be used on yourself anyway. You use it to give vitality from yourself to the other.. OTHER

Yes, but it goes a little further. Further testing indicates that when a player is under an illusion, and you cast the heal spell on them using their normal name, the spell happens and you lose the vitality, but the other doesn't get it.

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Bug: Avatar purchase

Before the test, I had purchased the right to an avatar in the MD shop, but had not yet picked one. This meant that I had the opportunity to pick one up for free whenever I wanted (I've been waiting for more to come out). I then did a Wodin's Guard illusion. Now that illusion is over, but my profile still shows as a guard. So when I took a look in the MD shop, it claimed I already had an avatar (showing the expired illusion avatar), and that changing to the one remaining avatar (that violin-playing girl) would cost $1.

Note that I don't want to change, I've just been looking for possible bugs.

[color="#0000FF"]Possible bug with avatar not getting reset, however i doubt it. Illusion is over when you end it not only when the cooldown counter is gone. Please check you ended it and confirm.

CONFIRMED. Even now that the illusion test is over, and I have left GG, I have the Wodin's Guard avatar and player description, and the MD shop thinks I need to pay $1 to change my avatar. I also still have the healer tag. This may have occurred because I had the right to an avatar, but hadn't picked one yet. The game appears to have kept the avatar from my first illusion. During the illusion test, illusions with different avatars would change my avatar, but it would always revert to the Wodin's Guard avatar when I ended the illusions. I realize I may be in a somewhat unique position, so let me know if you need me to do anything to help test/fix.

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Reinforcement bugs?

1. Life stealers reinforcement bug

[spoiler]when i got this illusion i got a water daimon and an egg that i cant use in a battle.. i thought its supposed to be an elemental and not an egg. The description says it should be elemental[/spoiler]

2. Lorerootian Archer reinforcement bug

T[spoiler]This one gives you Scout and not a Lorerootian Archer but the description said it should be Lorerootian Archer[/spoiler]

Maybe it's not a bug [spoiler]and you need to level up you illusion creatures normally like you do on your normal creatures. That would mean keeping the illusion for at least 3 days to level up the egg and the Scout to be an archer...[/spoiler]

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The Great Milenko

yup comp died and i'm locked out

and to make it even better not a clue what the E-Mail is

think its a hotmail one i know the pass if we can do it backwards so to speak
e mail for pass rather then pass for email

hope fully a admin can get back to me

else i gess its lost

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Not sure if this was a bug per se, but advancing story mode teleported me to Marind Bell. I was able to get back into the testing area, thankfully, after a bit of effort and sacrificing stored heat.

Bugs I've encountered so far at MP2:
1. Lorerootian Archer illusions show up as scouts with a starting vitality boost.
2. Elemental support starts as an egg, and needs age to upgrade.
3. Increase max vitality/value does not appear to work.
4. Most spells don't seem to work. I get error messages with the 'Bob' spell. Chase Wodin, however, does work - it got me back.

More as I find them.

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I dont think the scout and ele egg is...a bug. It does make sense...why not to give mp4s the maxed out creatures:P

No offence but it does make sense...but it could be a bug who knows? Be glad you atleast get an egg:P Some of the illusions dont give me anything...:D

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lol, but the creatures don't evolve in illusion mode.... (don't know if it is a bug or is normal, but they don't get xp)

For what do I want an egg???

[color="#0000FF"]Creatures should evolve normal in illusion mode. Illusion mode is thought for a longer time play, this is a test thats why you change illusions so fast. The egg is indeed a bug but you should be able to upgrade creatures,..however its a bad ideea since they will die once illusion is ended.

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[quote name='xPo' post='20462' date='Nov 20 2008, 06:52 PM']lol, but the creatures don't evolve in illusion mode.... (don't know if it is a bug or is normal, but they don't get xp)

For what do I want an egg???[/quote]

Cause eggs look nice why else?

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it's either a bug or a typing mistake cos it says you'll get a elite lorerootian archer and you get a scout instead (still usefull but not the same) and the egg is certanly not the same as elemental even tho my seems to have 600/10 vitality (6000% lol). also all other creatures (knator, grassan and water being) have the corect level.

p.s. vit increasing illusions still don't work :D

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ok i have already looked but this is diffrent

Yrthilian is unable to login
now i know the solutions but if i use my email i log in as wodin
so useing email is not an option

i have already cleared the cash and everything else

so any help would be great

also i have
tried the name i had when i lost my connection


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- ve and vp ilusions dont seams to work (i have try it saveral times and no result)

- ilusion creature dont gain xp except for the joker; and there s a problem with the elite loreroothian archer and with the life stealer reinforcement (seams that everybody has the same problem with them)

- the "achivments for today" page is blank in ilusion

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Aestheitcs not bug
- when you're on the Magic page, as in just clicked on the swirl in the left pane, when you hover your mouse over and it raises up and goes orange. i don't know about anyone else but i think the raising looks a little out of place

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Dont know if its a bug or not but some illusions arent working,the stats ones aint increasing i put more on VE and VP and it didnt increased...

obs.:I lose all my creatures disapeared,dont have any,i choose stats and skill increasing illusions(together with the skill dmg) and dont have any crit now)

Again more news,the last illusion didnt wore off,my profile page still says im wodin guard and all my creatures apear there yet in the game there is none....the skills match the ones i have now with my current illusion,except its still missing one lv2 elemental and two animated treelv2 from the profile page....i cant see all the bugs at once sorry guys,i keep editing the sdame post...

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Maybe we should put what MP we are incase it's diffrent and to save you time for the search...Mine didn't work...neither did my vp and ve..also i picked assassin and Tainted but TheGreatWarMage name still shows up but others don't...oh..okay so you must put all points into it to gain...???cause now i got all monsters...hmmm

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+5000 Max Vitality - but it says increase maximum ve by 2000

+400 Defence - it says increase youre defence by 500

Weapon sets
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/userprofile/load_profile.php on line 168 - this is on personal page
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/weaponinventory/load_layout.php on line 406 - this is on armor page

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You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's the Mad','4')' at line 2

when trying to leave [spoiler]a note (you know the [L] under their name)[/spoiler] whilst in a Illusion

not sure ir it counts as a spoiler but hay better safe then sorry

also i picked up
Warning: Division by zero in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php on line 1265

when i clicked on "MRTime"'s name
tho it only happened once and i haven't been able to make it happen again

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