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BEWARE!!!! It is comming!

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I can guarantee that he is no robot.. Nor is he I as some of you might be thinking.. Storm.. Also remember Mur's words... All I can suggest for those of you who have not already prepared is to get started as no haven will protect you from what is coming...

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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='17218' date='Sep 23 2008, 06:08 PM']this guy is just saying beware this and that, and wants us to do something, how should i know what to do anyway O.o when he isnt telling me nothing specific[/quote]

Then try asking him...

If you can find him...

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[i]observing the speakers, he silently follows the discussion with a smile //phrog sure would enjoy this: rumors, a heated up dispute//[/i]

i am not far from sharing your reaction, tarquinus...
but let me remind you of the fate of cassandra, the seeress...

so, prophet of fear, although your short-tempered nature and nebulous words tempt us to mistrust you... i will, for now, assume your intention for starting this was pure.
realize, your anger is pointless. if there is a force to come it will meet us prepared.
if there is more... like tarquinus said - speak and we may listen.
yet, if this words of warning were all you know or want to share, your mission is accomplished.
you may rest now.

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some doors closed, others opened - thats the course of the world.
as for alliances - they are not snakes, which you kill by cutting their head off. they are hydrae, a new head may grow...
and others may enjoy the freedom of treating former alliance members as equals... whatever that may mean...

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So (and please consider this a question open to all), if I understand correctly, this damage done yesterday means that the world no longer contains the alliances it used to have, and that their current members are no longer members of anything? Furthermore, was this damage planned to alter the overall environment of the world and to move the storyline to a whole different direction, or was it an external attack (by hackers, maybe?) that ruined what we all knew as of yesterday? I have read Messenger's posts and Mur's announcement, but I admit that I haven't understood yet whether this catastrophe was pre-designed and planned in order to re-form the structure of the game or an accident/damage done by third parties. The general picture shows towards the 'pre-designed' thing, but then the tone of Manu in the announcement leaves the impression that what happened was totally unexpected... I can't figure it out. Totally buffled here...

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That question deserves an honest answer, but I would prefer that answer came from someone higher than myself in the chain of the game's hierarchies, both fictitious and practical.

I can and will say that this event was not set in motion by parties unknown.

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