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Repeated Aggressors

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i agree with watcher, the one who gets banned from attacking in dojo, will most likely be rude in there if he comes back, only insults will come from offender to dojo staff (well not always but in most of cases), so if he is out of dojo for banned time, thats much better coz he will chill down, and ya have to remember that he isnt banned forever from dojo

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Everyone here it is, the place to post your list of repeated aggressors in dojo that you found out. Calyx asked me to post it in the forum. I had a bigger list but one part I misplaced, second part

mp4 right?, updated well thats shameful

lol ledah, that means you are on "other" part of list, which is handled directly by dojo staff, and since thats you, i think you are probably on the special place in list, lol, well this list is just

I truly appreciate all the ideas and suggestions coming forward. The technical issues of locking people out or simply preventing them from attacking are not so bad due to a change Mur has in mind that I am not permitted to speak of. I hope it is as beneficial as we thing it will be.

Neither Mur's idea nor banning can be done so long as a dojo is in the middle of traffic as all three locations presently are. The dojo will be moved to a location with only one entrance, so it will not be in the path of traffic. This makes any number of things possible.

Those of you who have been around for a long while know I hate punishing people. It's just not the right way to deal with things. And being the only one who can take real action is a terrible grind on me. I am no more anxious to be banning people than I am to be punishing them in some other way. But at least this will give staff a chance to deal with things as they happen, not wait for me to take action hours or days later. It is my belief that the ability to expel people for a brief time will give all involved time to rethink their positions.

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i come to the dojo to chil out and chat etc! but sindevil00 is a repeat aggressor!
i dunno if you need proof for MP5's so heres some anyway ..


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~ MP4


[s]He deliberately disregarded the Dojo rules. I pmed him and he ignored it. I tried to speak to him on chat he ignored me. Attacked zeTsu grass 3 times hit and run, attacked Nostradamus hit and run.[/s]

He has redeemed himself. He explained his actions and I believe them to be true.

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