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Repeated Aggressors

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Everyone here it is, the place to post your list of repeated aggressors in dojo that you found out. Calyx asked me to post it in the forum. I had a bigger list but one part I misplaced, second part

mp4 right?, updated well thats shameful

lol ledah, that means you are on "other" part of list, which is handled directly by dojo staff, and since thats you, i think you are probably on the special place in list, lol, well this list is just

I am really disappointed on eigger. He has played this game longer than I and often hangs around on the dojo as eiggereggie, offering heals when he tried to go for pwr. I would not need to question his knowledge of the dojo rules, yet he has atked me several times on diferent occassions. I considered it a prank on the first time, but for the last one, I specifically wrote on my public logs for people NOT to atk me. Those who want xp can PM me and I'll give them when I'm back. I don't actually mind being atked, but I am close to max xp and I have some things to do before I go to the next MP. Lucky it had hit weak random rit, but if it had chosen a stronger one, I could be in for some huge chunk of XP I don't want. I have no choice but to report him for this.. his repeated atks might get the worse of someone someday unless he gets an official warning from the dojo staffs.

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If the creator/moderators of the game are planning to implement punishments for attacking in a dojo, why not go further and just make it so that you can plan rituals and stuff but you CAN'T actually carry through with the attack without consent in game? I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to implement...

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but how does that work?
would there be a tickbox, and you choose "yes, i want to be killed in the dojo" or "no, no attack spamming for me"?
or would there be a message "incoming attack-do you want to fight?"??
both methods have fatal flaws, the first will make you un-attackable even if you want to heal with someone, and the second will make it impossible to attack idle players...

when you can tell us a method that's working, we'll see if we can find a script for it ;-)

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