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[quote name='wynken vanaril' post='16923' date='Sep 18 2008, 02:59 PM']I don't think it would change your style of game play any...you just wouldn't amass any points :D

Ok, maybe there is a better system to track RP progress. I've entertained quite a few angry rants without a single alternative solution. I'm starting to feel like a politician...if you think my idea sucks so much, how about coming up with a better one (not necessarily you dst, just the naysayers in general)? :)[/quote]

Don't view my suggestion as an alternative solution? No comment on it either. Feels like I'm being ignored.

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[quote name='dst' post='16958' date='Sep 18 2008, 05:40 PM']No. He picks on me cause I do not agree...[/quote]

Why does everyone on this board assume I'm trying to pick fights? I don't even know that my suggestion is a good one or the right one, it's merely the only one...

I'll have to read maggot's post when I get a bit more time. I must have missed it in the midst of the last fire I had to put out (I'm lookin at you Stormy!).

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^ I know Storm, I accept your apology, but I don't think you were being an ***. Maybe just a tad over defensive :)

Let me attempt to clarify some things that may break this down for those of you who oppose. I'm not asking whether or not RP should be rewarded. That system is apparently already in place. What I am trying to suggest is a method by which to balance and manage said reward distribution through clearly established goals and requirements. I'm not even saying that my system of points is the correct fit, and perhaps I don't know enough about the current system and there really is no problem. It just seemed to me that Manu may be open to suggestions in this area because of his announcement(s) during and after the festival.

I've seen the points work but that was in a moderated environment where a handful of dedicated staff members monitored action nearly round the clock. As I said, I don't know that it's the right thing for MD, but I don't see how anyone can be against my desire for fairness and balanced. If anyone has any other suggestions, or if the current system isn't broken just post about it. I'm really not trying to stir the pot...only to help you and I as the players by creating balance, and also the development team by creating a method of management.

The point suggestion wouldn't require anyone to RP constantly. It's typically very obvious when someone is in or out of character and talking about things out of game or just casual chatter wouldn't warrant negative points. When I talk about doing something out of character, I'm referring to instances such as doing good deeds when your character is supposed to be "evil" or stealing/murdering when your character is supposed to be "good". Only actions that are in contradiction to your role or personality would be reviewed...

I don't know how to determine positive points because I have never personally implemented a system like this and I don't really know what criteria people or Mer specifically would like to see established here if this is the method that's decide to be used. I do believe that quests and riddles aren't likely to be the main source (if they're a source at all) for earning points mostly because they typically already have a reward.

[quote name='maggot' post='16640' date='Sep 13 2008, 10:46 PM']Rather regular players be able to review other people's roles and their ability to act them convincingly, and categorize their review as either a negative or positive reaction, periodically: like every month. Actually, be able to do only one review and then edit in updates if impression expressed changes. Wouldn't be as casual as handing out or penalizing points at every instance of roleplay observed. Number of +/- reactions could be tallied up for Manu to review if he wants.[/quote]
The problem with a peer review type of system is that it lends itself to bias. Perhaps not even purposefully, but someone may write a negative review simply because they don't like that character, role, or even that personality type. The bias may be evened out because of the sheer volume of reviews, but that presents another problem. If every player could write a review of every other player, that's a lot of reviews to manage and to read in order to reach a conclusion. Your suggestion is similar to what I was saying about RPC's or some designated moderators writing notes about specific instances which warranted positive or negative points so that those decisions can be reviewed by a collective of responsible people or even by one unbiased individual (Mer) before the points are actually given/taken. In that case, you'd have a system where there may be only a handful of reviews by people who understand and agree to a set criteria for judgment while still maintaining the checks and balances that will hopefully alleviate cheating.

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[quote name='Suuljin' post='16746' date='Sep 15 2008, 06:28 PM']first of all, i second penelopes point about meta-gaming and godmoding.[/quote]
Thirded. This kind of thing is way out of hand, and unfortunately tends to snowball: Player A offers a flower to another player, so Player B feels encouraged to do something such as, say, open an invisible shop and make unilateral declarations about what other players are "supposed to see".

My primary objection here is not so much that "benign" god-moding deprives other players of choice (which it at the very least attempts to do) as that it passes over the available details about the world presented by the game. Player A's invention is truly benign, since in the MD world we see plants growing and it is reasonable to conclude that flowers grow in it somewhere. Player B's invention is more pernicious, especially when it conflicts with the beautiful artwork of the game already in place. Good roleplaying is more than just playing a role - it requires engagement with someone [b]else's[/b] imagination, which in this case is presented in MagicDuel in detail through existing legends and beautiful artwork. There are genuine mysteries here: the sun never sets. People's purses refill over time, but only to a certain point, and if too much time elapses, gold (VP) exceeding a certain amount disappears. To my knowledge, no one has ever really bothered to talk about that or integrate VP regeneration into a character's point of view.

[quote]most important point (you might as well reduce the whole post to that) is simply:
you dont need a reward of points for your roleplay, the reactions of other players to good rp will be reward enough :)[/quote]
I could not agree more. While I like the rewards given out during the Festival, I find that presenting my character is its own reward. It is, in fact, why I play the game.

Expressed opinions in this thread and elsewhere seem to indicate that some players feel they are expected to play a role. I disagree - your role might simply be that your character represents you having been transported to the world of MagicDuel. Your motivations might be anything, nothing, or apparently random. I have no problem with this approach whatsoever.

But while I do not think roleplaying is some kind of burden, I do think it is explicitly part of the game's emphasis. I find it tiresome, to be polite, when players complain that the roleplaying game over-emphasizes roleplaying. That's a bit like complaining that football (soccer to Yanks like me) puts undue emphasis on feet.

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My character is rather random, is a trickster and a shapeshifter, and all and all, a pain to judge by points since you never know what he'll do. (once threw a portable hole under yami and tied flyingchipmunk's shoelaces together...... and i'm not even sure that he had shoes :lol: ) how would you judge a character like that fairly since everyone else would have to stay in character, but unless my character is giving out info on how to play the game, he's never out of character?

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[quote name='Silver Renard' post='18036' date='Oct 7 2008, 08:50 PM']My character is rather random, is a trickster and a shapeshifter, and all and all, a pain to judge by points since you never know what he'll do. (once threw a portable hole under yami and tied flyingchipmunk's shoelaces together...... and i'm not even sure that he had shoes :lol: ) how would you judge a character like that fairly since everyone else would have to stay in character, but unless my character is giving out info on how to play the game, he's never out of character?[/quote]
By D&D standards, your char would be considered "chaotic neutral". It's a pain to judge by a GM, but it can be done. Although you do things seemingly at random, surely your character has a somewhat static personality and some semblance of values...or perhaps you would be judged on how well you can set aside those things (personality and values) in order to maintain your random tricks. As difficult as chaotic neutral is to judge, it's even more difficult to role play.

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You know, there's an entire LHO vote system in place.
Maybe RPCs could be given something similar for anyone that ISN'T an RPC. The players don't even have to know about it. An RPC can just silently tag someone that that think is doing a good or bad job.

Votes can be silently reset and tallied every now and then. I don't know how you'd reward people without giving it away completely though, maybe there doesn't even have to be a reward for it other than recognition among some of the higher powers there.

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:diablo: Hi all...Some rambaling here to bother you all....And its 2 cents not 3.... :offtopic:

You guys are kinda getting away from this issue it seems though...maybe i am wrong...

This was originally to be given by staff members playing a role in game. If you interact with them, following along with their story, and following along with your story, you get reward. Perhaps this should be changed to a time basis. Acting along a said path over the event; an hour, or day, or whole event. Making notes on them in their log, or your private one. And if they continue to act accordly. They get the reward. If they act outside of their role with you, then no reward.

They can act diffrent with diffrent npc, but keeping in a said role. For the trickster, to play the role of a shapeshifting trickster,(i can shapeshift too, and conjure stuff)you follow a said same role with them, hopfuly ending in some calamity effecting their story, negative or positive as it maybe.
Since you can change shape they wont reconize you or blah blah blah.....just PM them before they say something. Or hope they read the open log before saying something to you.

8) Can a god godmod... 8)

How many of you follow the principles you picked???Cause if you don't follow them then are you not in character...

For what stormrunner was saying about complex characters this should help along those lines..i think

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