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well i know it sounds weird, but hear me out.

I want to give a public page for a player, like a diploma, that will state my personal opinion about that player, and other important people too, such as shoeps or some main rpc/s.

Example diploma will state about a player that he is for example a very talented artists, that he solved dificult puzzles and in what way, that he is a loyal player and its able to integrate well with others in collaborative play, and so on. This page will include a lot of personal information too, info about the player psyhological profile based on his activity in the game.

I am not sure if i can explain it right, but i sure feel the need of doing this. I want this to be like a mark of a true MD player, because some legendary players will walk away with personal problems, others will simply give up in time, and important people will become lost in the history of MD without having something to remember them. This so called diploma, will be what I (and some others) will have to say about that PERSON not only about that player.

I have no clue yet how it will look like, or if it will be connected to rpc roles only, probably yes, because it will be more easy to get a rpc role than a diploma , at first.

You knwo those sites that you do a IQ test and then you can post a small image showing that score in your forum signatures, emails etc? Or the stupid sites that tell you "how much you are worth"? well i want that sort of thing ... lets call it a MagicDuel style IQ test...or TALENT test.

I dont know what on the net can put all your abilities together and show them as an official record that you are that person. MD can gather a lot of such data based on your activity.

I think the real MD game is actualy a test for all of you, from the simple activity days that show your loyalty and involvement (not only towards the game!) to the quests that you solve, or not. And a successfull test should have a diploma to should of what you are capable.

I also hope that like this i will keep a strong group of people together even if they wont play the game anymore, maybe even have them communicate together in real life, why only the game.

What do you say, will it work? what do you say, should i go on with this? you see it possible ? or it will cause a more elitistic community with new players rejected by older people with 'diploma'.

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I like it. It a page like the statement of battle philosophy, that at my present rate, I will never get. It's nice to think that one can be recognized for things outside of battle. It's also very interesting to wonder what the player phsych file will look like.

I'm for it. It's always nice to have a new goal.

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There is another thread called RP Points in which it was suggested normal players could give/subtract points (plus a reason) for the roleplaying of other players. I think the creator went ahead and contacted the game developer about it. Maybe it is a hybrid of the two ideas.

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Ages ago, but my impression was like this: It's basically like a PL...thing is, those are not being used so much anymore, so I wonder how this turns out. Does it mean you request people to write? (Watch out for the factor of friendship...I am not so sure Shoeps would give you a good text for example, while a friend of yours may decide to do so)

Then also, if you call it diploma...it means it's being achieved after some time. Good, that done, it needs upgrading all the time. I mean, new achievements do pile up. But that won't easily happen I think, just what I gained as an impression.

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Yeah, but it can be done once a year (or when Mur or someone else feel the need to). This way the active players are rewarded (symbolic but for some might worth more then something real like crits and such).
I don't see it as a player log. I see it as something more.
As for that "watch out" well...I am laughing my a** off right now. How much do you care for the opinion of someone who means nothing to you? Yes, if bad words are used I agree, I will probably feel offended but not by something someone says just to get revenge (I am immune to that sort of crap cause of the long history of ME getting my revenge ;)).

It would be something that can be done during festivals or I don't know...important events...

Aaaaand I will stop cause right now I find ideas just for the sake of contradiction :)

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I prepared something :D
First round will go to rpc, it will also have several 'rewards' hidden within it if you manage to find them.
more details later

After the first series is out and works fine, i will consider sending it to other charaters too, but at first it will be a very limited series because of the dificult process to create them...they are basicaly a puzzle not just a paper saying congrats.

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I believe it will work... given the time and effort put into it. This would certainly help motivate members to become better in everything they do and it would also be a great way to remeber the legends within our own time. I think it can be done, good luck with the development. :cool:

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this diploma is now replaced by the md title docs, similar thing from a different angle. The title docs are currently printed and ready to ship, but will still take long time to get everything synchronized, text prepared, addresses and such

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