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I have had a thought.
We know that the fires of Mt. Kelle'tha have destroyed Alche's body, but left his spirit free to roam.
Therefore, if we can bring phrog to the mountain, we might be able to reverse that process to give him a new body.
We shall need to utilize the proper Principles for this to work, I think.
The use of Syntropy to counter Entropy and allow the process to be reversed
The use of Cyclicity to bring phrog back full circle to the place he started from (a physical body)
The use of the Elements to create a physical body
possibly more Principles and applications I haven't though of

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It might have been Khal, as I once heard him saying to Phrog "u owe me your transformation" or something... Well, with Khal now Grey again, maybe he'll help Phroggie..'

Oh, talking about reversing things, here's one of my favorite MD principle use (actually, this is one of the reasons I chose my principles).

Principle of Cyclicity : everything happens in a cycle
Principle of elements : let's divide a cycle to its composing elements, which is the beginning (or cause) and the end (or effect).
Principle of Transposition : transpose the characteristics of beginning to the end, and the end to the beginning.
And... done. You've reversed the cycle =b

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After hearing phrog's words, this is what I believe:
the fire that pulls him is that of Mt. Kelle'tha.
HE is MRD, who controls access to Golemus, and who helped the Sentinels destroy phrog's body.

Alternatively, he could be talking about the Drachorn's cave, in which case RJ is the one denying him access.

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HMmm, what Tremir says reminds me.. when the fest begun and phrog woke up for a while, he went to Golemus and said that "it" would be his eventually. I followed him around during his stay in golemus, but I don't reacall him going to mt. kelletha.. I don't know if this has any meaning, but the place where phrog said that "it" would be his eventually is, if memory serves, the pillars of harmony..

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I don't think Master Wodin knows the code to the portal.

Well, entry in the adv log:

Page 254 [2008-09-17 02:26:54]
A Freezing Firestarter
Phrog's spirit hears the whisperings of a few of the people that are good enough to stop and try to help him. He hears one of the ideas being discussed and can't help his excitement. "Yess! Yes! That's it! That's it! Ohh, so close!"

I wonder which idea was close....

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