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Muratus del Mur

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Player_Name: Alcatis

Commets: Eternity.

Player_Name: lord1oss

Commets: scabbard

Player_Name: Faleious

Commets: quem eu sou?

Player_Name: karlo

Commets: i want to play

Player_Name: Falking

Commets: extreamly interesting and original

Player_Name: dorin

Commets: play

Player_Name: lockload

Commets: email

Player_Name: Zaladoc

Commets: Ya ma

Player_Name: ShadowWarrior023

Commets: i think ill like the game

Player_Name: Paperclip

Commets: Nothing.

Player_Name: Jeremmer

Commets: Here has found in a network a site, on which simply huge quantity different

and not dear music. Look site.

:) :) :) :) :) :)(spam??)

Player_Name: vassilis

Commets: extreamly interesting and original

Player_Name: Morganna

Commets: Hope

Player_Name: Khross

Commets: what ever it is lemme at it!!! i hope it will be usefull for me to kick ass!!!

Player_Name: Katsura

Commets: Play!

Player_Name: none

Commets: hades

Player_Name: kurbart

Commets: ya

Player_Name: Doctor Che

Commets: gold

Player_Name: LocoSinz

Commets: I dont know what's in the box BUT the question is supposed to be, WHAT DO


Player_Name: kunai

Commets: :) looks nice

Player_Name: Regecide

Commets: his forgivness

Player_Name: cremate

Commets: blleeeeeh

Player_Name: Udontknowme

Commets: hat

Player_Name: lordloss

Commets: a belt

Player_Name: Tarkolvaq

Commets: jewels of some sort

Player_Name: Crazy

Commets: nothing

Player_Name: DataCrest

Commets: A piece of clothing

Player_Name: yasemin_the_best

Commets: i think si a treasure

Player_Name: Tabaro

Commets: Ultimate Power: Destruction of the Universe

Player_Name: Azariel

Commets: ummm... Some kind o lock!?!? maybe :D

Player_Name: Angledata

Commets: Time Capsule, he stored it before and is digging it up again.

Player_Name: shivers54

Commets: a chest that contains an item of extreme power

Player_Name: yewseed

Commets: my soul

Full_Name: Sarah Dorlain

Commets: A statue of some sort

Player_Name: vampressanis

Commets: chest full of blood and gold

Player_Name: HybridLord

Commets: His living soul

Player_Name: faustik89

Commets: in that box is his soul

Player_Name: Infernell

Commets: The Power to greatness is in the box.

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