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You know you've been on MD too much when...

Yami no Sakura

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At night, when the hubbie comes home, he tells you how he's day at work went... Then he asks how was your day, how are the children... And you start to tell him what a wonderful chat you had with your wonderful friends at the Paper Cabin, or at the Oak Fort... How amasing and educated these people are, how much you value their opinions, and how much you care about them... "And the kids?" he ask again... "What kids?"

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You start to know the artistic styles in MD.

Valy - MDA, Loreroot, Golemus (not 100% positive, but fairly sure), Tribunal, South No Man's Land
Boba - parts of Necrovion
Angela - Marind Bell and parts of No Man's Land
Glor - Parts of MDA.


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yea, the Archives (on the most part) have poss been in existance longer than Glor has been playing MD

Valy did do the Lab :D
[spoiler]though i've designed a ''better'' (translate more evil) Labrinth, not that i've finished, or told Mur i have :) [/spoiler]

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You know you've been on MD too much when...

- You say: For the Mur sake!
- Drinking grapefruit juice you think of Pample
- You start saving telling yourself that you will need those free credits for later
- Someone nudges or pokes you on street you think of giving back
- You start to look for live help button in nearest post office
- You pass an animal store and think: that bunny would look cute with axe in head
- Thinking of using crits on someone annoying
- Calling any of letters in your mail or email box messages as pm
- The only thing you've done today is staring in GGG and giving and taking bursts!

Will update it later tho now I have no new ideas.

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You know you've been on MD too much when...

-You read a topic named "You know you've been on MD too much when..." ans laughs out loud to half the things written.
-When doing house chores, you take a break every 8 minutes to attack the players on GGG.
-When you have these beside you everytime you play MD: paper, pen, calculator, alarm clock/timer. Furthermore, you're more addicted if you don't need the timer anymore 'cause your internal clock can already tell when 8 minutes have passed.
-You look for paying sites, hoping to earn online money.
-MD is your only motivation to get a passport.
-When you forgot how to tie shoes. (What are those, anyway)

-If you actually shout "BURST UP" in the middle of...(I don't know how to do that black highlight, but everyone knows what I'm talking about)

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[quote name='Liberty4life' date='06 November 2009 - 05:16 PM' timestamp='1257527817' post='46798']
granos thats nothin, out of 48 cro accs 44 are mine ^_^ so think again how much do i get asked :D

And it seems that every single new british player who speaks in the cabin is accused of being me or grido!

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