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You know you've been on MD too much when...

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*coughs* Hi Mur :P

When your watch is set to MD time but you don't live in Romania.

planning to transfer money to your spouse bank account you think it wont work because youre alts

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When Google starts asking for wishpoints before it gives you search results.

When you run around telling people 'Look at my tiny book', my girlfriend wasn't too happy...Neither were the police... (I've heard it called many things but never a tiny book heheh)

You start searching for your local rent-a-void shop.

hmm, that's all for now

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-When I call my landlord to tell him the oneness of my housing is 0%
-I stop, tired, halfway across Westminster bridge because I've 'run out of action points'
-When my students reach the most advanced level of study, I think about taking them to fenths
-I try to increase my energetic immunity before going abroad
-I stand guard by the little apple tree in my garden... and whisper stories to it


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- You try to Legally Change your name by Explaining to the judge "My Parents didn't pick a good Role Playing name" (also: The judge Agrees, but only if you give him a Wishpoint)

-You ask your Astronomy Teacher what he thinks is causing the New Movement of the Sun...

-You see people on the Street handing out Pamphlets, and you rush over to ask which Inner Magic document they Have...

-You try to decide what to Rename your Pet when they "Upgrade"

- After reading the Assigned Chapter for class, you ask your Teacher what Stats Bonuses you received

- You can't wait to tell your Friends/Parents/Lover that you got mentioned in the AL

- You get asked where the Nearest Bar is, and Explain it's located in the Sanctuary

And for one that's a Constant Issue for me...

- I start getting low grades for Papers because Random Words are Capitalized (Seriously I can't stop. Kids don't Randomly Capitalize words... It's Habit forming)

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When your work has blocked the site, but your friend has recorded the music at MD park and then starts playing it through his laptop and you rush over yelling 'how the hell did you get on??'

You now when your friends have been playing magic duel too long when: you walk through the office humming the start of the MD Park song, and the 3 or 4 other people who play hum the rest

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lol :lol:
Those are epic. xD

You know you've been on MD too much when...

-You expect to hear a soft "beep" everytime after you speak and a "splat!" everytime someone steps on your foot.
-You haven't checked your mailbox in a long time before it doesn't "ping."
-You've developed an unreasonable fear of clowns with mallets and little girls with candles.
-You've seriously considered dressing up as Marind for Halloween.
-You've dressed up in a dark cloak, went out onto the streets, and asked random strangers if they would like to accept a box.

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[quote name='Logan Marquis' post='18945' date='Oct 27 2008, 03:09 AM']Lol...priceless:

Lady Amethyst came up with this and doesn't even know it.

You know you've been on MD too much when...

You start to see MD scenes, objects, players, etc, in the clouds in the sky.[/quote]

i haven't seen any Metal Bunnies in the sky yet though.. so i'm still sane.. right? :blink:

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[quote name='Lady Amethyst' post='18946' date='Oct 27 2008, 03:12 AM']i haven't seen any Metal Bunnies in the sky yet though.. so i'm still sane.. right? :blink:[/quote]lol xDD
Yeah, that's a good sign. You're still sane...ish. xD

Oh...and I have a new addition:

-You get kicked out of MD Trivia because you know too much. =(

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Saki, have you already forgotten your addiction from just the other day?

[quote]Saki: You can buy class armor by talking to the RPCs.
Ren: whoas
Ren: XD they're probably NPCs
Saki: Sorry, NPCs.
Ren: :D
Saki: "You know you've been on MD too long when..."[/quote]


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