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You know you've been on MD too much when...

Yami no Sakura

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Don't know if these have been done:

You know you've been on MD too much when:

At christmas the baby jesus gets Gold, Frankinsence and Mur.

You appear four or five times in Yami's famous quotes list.

You frisk people for their personal papers

(You know they've been playing it too much if you find them)

Mundane tasks become 'quests' (I recently did a quest to have a shower)

You wonder why the archivist has branched out into indigestion tablets when you see 'Rennies'

You see Jewellers as Duellers.

You go round asking people for inner magic pages

If someone annoys you, you begin to hear them saying 'quaaaac, riiibiiiiiiiit ribbit'

You cut yourself and you sit there shouting prot-heal at it.

After realising that doesn't work, you seek out morrel...Instead of Plasters.

When you wake up in a bad mood, you refer to it as your alt.

I'll post more if I think of them

I hope most of these haven't already been done.


Walker of words

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Awesome as ever, Garg. xD

And yeah, I think are you one of the more frequent contributors to my quote list. :P

Speaking of which...:

You know you've been on MD too much when...

- your collection of funny MD quotes is 5 pages long on Microsoft Word. And it's still growing...

- you think of a dead person's room as a perfectly normal place to hang out in.

- you expect to see matress racing in any party worth going to.

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Got some more:

You've been playing MD too much when:

You come to the realisation that you've been playing MD too much

your calendar is referred to as an adventure log

your boss/Teacher/Parents become RPC's

You have an irrational fear of Carnivals...and cubes...and little girls with candles...and your own shadow....EEK SHADES!

You systematically apply hammer to clown...with force....repeatedly

You turn on a light....and see an angien!

You turn the light off....and see a shade!

You buy a plant from the garden centre to stand outside your back door and work as guard for 'House, Hidden Exit'

You wonder why A (frankly awesome) Game developer has branched out into confectionery when you spot a pack of Murray mints.

I'll probably think of more later.

But for now...

that's it.


Walker of words (Officially :P)

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Okay and yet more....

(Joint effort by me, Logan Marquis, Yami no Sakura and mishadowst)

You've been playing magic duel too much when:

You try and open your front door and you get one of the following messages:






everytime you say something you follow it with the (legendary) MD Beep

You call text messages scrolls

When you get in trouble, you look for your MP6 Protector.

Your guard dog is named KC

You go to the bank and ask for free credits

You go to the pet shop and ask for a drachorn

you refer to your car keys as heads when you get robbed

You answer to your character name all the time outside of MD

In the middle of sex you ask your partner to wait until your counter resets so you can regen VE and AP...

When things stop costing money and start costing VP

That's all for now.


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You know you have been on MD to much when:

-You have the magicduel game page as your homepage and have firefox start up automaticly when your computer turns on and you never bother to log out when you turn your computer off.

-You decided to attempt to eat the death star in Algebra 1 class

-You brag about eating the gizzebo of caos (sorry about that Murry how much do i owe you for replacing it? :P )

-You are designing a program that will keep you logged into magic duel while you are at school.

-You get bored in class and start thinking about magic duel while you are supposed to be doing your algebra homework.

-you attempt to find a way to play on magicduel while you are on the school computers and the computers are blocking the website.(my school won't let me play :P )

-you write poems about magicduel while attempting to go to sleep.(i have only written 2 so far i have only 1 of those on my comments on self page that i have run out of room on:) )

-you get bored and decide to make a portrait of MB in both word and paint (the one in paint is my current avitar)

-you get bored and start thinking of names for different people(Metal's name is Fluffy:) )

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-when you sub MD characters for childhood songs...


Little bunny, Foo Foo

Hopping through the forest

Scooping up the field mice

And bopping them on the head

Down came the Good Fairy and she said,

"Little bunny, Foo Foo

I don't want to see you

Scooping up the field mice

And bopping them on the head."

-------------MD version----------

Metal Bunny, Foo Foo

Hopping through Loreroot

Scooping up the noobies

And bopping them on the head

Down came the Manu and he said,

"Metal Bunny, Foo Foo

I don't want to see you

Scooping up the Noobies

And bopping them on the head."

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-When people start stalking you, or dreaming about you and making poems about you...
Yeah.. uh, wtf?
¬_¬ freaks..

-When you see some belladonna on a nearby hill and think about MD..
-When you, due to 'unrelated' events, wake up in a dark alley in the middle of Amsterdam the next morning with a naked inflateable doll next to you..

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You know you've been on MD too much when...

-You start saying 'Greetings' instead of 'hello' when you answer the phone.
-When people say 'hi, how are you' you answer: 'I think war is upon us'
-You go to church, count the people there and shout 'YES, I have more worshipers then you'
-You change the name of your daughter into Marind.
-Start collecting wooden boxes
-You keep printouts of your inner magic documents in a safe at your bank
-You start vacuuming your house every day because your afraid of dust.
-When asked for a copy of your curriculum vitae, you start printing out your personal page
-When you think your biggest achievements in life are : won a drachorn, did phrogs quest, won a head hunting competition and reached mp6
-When filling in papers, you write 'Warrior' as your main occupation and No Man's Land as place of birth
-Whenever you see a beautiful sunset you think about Bootes.
-When you see the word 'Dragon' you sigh and think : 'They spelled it wrong again...'
-Hospital security drags you out of a patient's room while your shouting Prot-Heal spells
-Say 'Hello' every time you pass a tree.
-You replaced your 'No Trespassing' sign with 'This Path is closed for mortals, only gods may pass'
-You see a beautiful woman pass by and ask your wife if you can use a wishpoint ...

Edited by Chewett
Removed spoiler
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- when you make an account named Muratus Clone and it survives 3 days before being banned:)
- you replace your "beware of dog" sign on your fence with a "beware of drachorn" sign
- you watch a show about dragons and record it then edit it so that every time it says dragon it says Drachorn instead
- you eat the death star thinking it would go into your 3rd stomach
- you get a place on a website only for RPCs
- you make a 90 question long FAQ where every question has a jump to section and every question is MD related
- you start sleep talking and wake yourself up saying "must find REN!! Must Find REN!!!!! MUST FIND REN!!!!!!..." and then run to your computer and realize that ren isn't on

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When I Am Bored has attempted to eat you or something you own...
When everyone at the Wind and Rain Pub know you...
When you see a homeless person downtown and your first thought is making them your adept...
When you start to read books on mythology to get an edge on the Storyline direction...
When you try to calculate how many stats you would gain from sacrificing your pets...
When you watch T.V. and see a doctor sweating and wonder how much heat he stored...
When you're out at night and are surprised to see the moon...
When your at a hardware store and see orange tiles and start getting frustrated...

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removed spoiler
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[quote name='Yami no Sakura' post='17711' date='Oct 3 2008, 12:18 AM']Time to revive this with another MD-moment that slipped out of Saki's mouth the other day. xD

You know you've been on MD too much when...
...You tell your friends that your MindPower 3 player still has 34.8 Metal Bunnies of freespace left.[/quote]
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: this was good, omfg roflmao

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