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You know you've been on MD too much when...

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Yamisaru... thou art Saki-bum hithermore.

For what purpose doth Minory serve if not to constantly nag thee to do thy massive load of work as Lu nagged me to finish my summer homework? She neglecteth her work and duty!

Marry! I can do what Minory would hath done proper for thy sake! Thou errant, clay-brained mammet! Thou hast thy duty to do thy work, and work as thy duty!

O' thy dark, unlucky days to come! if thou continuest to ignore thy work and duty. Nay, it is my very obligation! to keep thou from thy foul fate as a bumbling bum even by posting such posts in such a topic as this. Thy immoral lack of guilt, thy initiative to create a topic of such a nature, harketh to me!

So, for thy sake, be inspired by my words, for thrice do I now remind you: THOU HAST THY DUTY TO DO THY WORK, AND WORK AS THY DUTY!

Dude! I'm not allowed to call her anymore! ><;

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*coughs* Hi Mur :P

When your watch is set to MD time but you don't live in Romania.

planning to transfer money to your spouse bank account you think it wont work because youre alts

Posted Images

i just sat here laughing at all of these things. every time i read them i just laugh and laugh

im starting to worry that some of these people are playing a bit too much.

soon there will have to be a warning "caution game may cause addiction, play at your own risk"

WARNING: This game can become a very enjoyable adventure for those who are worthy of its secrets or turn into an addictive nightmare for those who aren't

--MagicDuel homepage :D

As for you, Minory, you.. no excuses!

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Here's some More...

- You start Narrating your Actions while Doing them.

- You become Convinced you just Need the right Herbs to talk to Trees...

- When you Meet someone New, the first thing you ask is, "Can I see your Personal Papers?"

- While walking around you Occasionally stop, Claiming that you need to wait to Regen more AP.

- As you Read the Daily Paper you think "Man Today's Adventure Log is so Dry..."

- You start Claiming that you Spoke to "God" recently and he Said, "Please be Patient, Updates are Coming Soon" B)

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U go on an outing with your schoolmates. On the way there, u see an old withered tree, you called it Bob. A few steps away, you see two big-strong trees. You ran back to your camp as son as possible, take your hidden stash of pot (marijuana), and ran back to speak to the trees. After talking to the trees, you pass the old tree again on the way back and called it Steve..

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QUOTE (Rex @ Sep 1 2008, 01:25 PM)

- Every time a candle goes out you think 'oh shits shes gona kill me'

Best one so far IMO



ty :)

- You have topics on this

- People reply to that topic

- You then add the above comments to the topic

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Well, I didn't think too much about calling Lu "Lu" in real life, but yesterday I reached a revelation.

I think of myself as Glai.

i__i Such a horrid name... And think about it! That's abnormal, right? Thinking of yourself as "Glai" instead of your real name. It's creepier than calling trees "Bob" after the lonely tree in MD. It is!

So here's another to my list of things I've done which signal an excess of time spent on MD:

-You start identifying yourself primarily by your ingame name.

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*laughes her head off at these*

And I concur with Braiton. That one Rex wrote is definitely one of the best. xD

@Glai: Yeah, I was about to say, "...Glai, you're being a bit of a hypocrite, aren't you? I think you should stop soon. Otherwise, it's off to the 8th Level, Round 6 of Hell for you, and it's not a pretty place....or so Dante says..."

And the other book is Paradise Lost. To my eternal glory, I managed to read most of it in one sitting. Took 10+ hours, but I did it. ^^

And I can't possible atone by reading it. I got so frustrated in the middle that I start spouting blasphemous things at it. Now I'm gonna be condemned to Level 7, Round 3 of Hell. *is studying too hard for the Inferno test* ><;

Oh, and I beat you to that calling self by game name thing. I used to be called Sakura. Then Minory shorten it to Saki, which is what my friends refer to me now. But 'cause you guys all started calling me Yami, that's what I call myself now. ><;

@Chewett: No worries. We've got the MDAA. MagicDuel Addicts Annonymous. :)

You know you've been on MD too much when...

-...You see a little rabbit on your way to school in the morning and proceed to drop all your books inorder to worship it.

-...You bought lottery tickets because your Luck Skill had increased.

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You know you've been on MD too much when...

- after completing a job or task at work you ask your line manager for a wishpoint.

- you ask your girlfriend (or boyfriend) how to go about receiving her (or his) inner documents.

- you stand in the centre of a busy street or building, making people walk around you, and when asked you explain you have to wait another 9 minutes to regain action points.

- when going on holiday, you have to limit your sightseeing due to lack of exploration points.

- you give 12% less money to the storekeep for your goods because of your tradesense skill.

- you begin to wonder why the eggs in your fridge, although old enough... have yet to upgrade...

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@Glai: Yeah, I was about to say, "...Glai, you're being a bit of a hypocrite, aren't you? I think you should stop soon. Otherwise, it's off to the 8th Level, Round 6 of Hell for you, and it's not a pretty place....or so Dante says..."

Hypocritical? Me? I demand something to back up your claims!

The suggestions of late are getting more and more improbable.. but they're funny. :D

Or are they actually not improbable? Am I not as addicted as I thought? People don't actually do these things, right? Right?? ...

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Oh wow...I think you win, Penelope. xD

*still can't stop laughing*

You know you've been on MD too much when...You start replacing words with player names. Like this:

Wodin - (adj) 1. strong; 2. scary

dst - (verb) 1. to pwn; (adj) 2. pwn

Morrel - (verb) 1. to heal; (noun) 2. the act of healing someone or something

So all together, you get:

"Dude!!! This totally Wodin guy just dst'd me! I'm gonna need to Morrel."

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-when you're trying to do a historical research paper, and try to seek out your local legend teller. :P

-when you get on to tell people you don't have time to be on right now

-When you're impatient at the traffic light, and try to release your heat to make it go faster.

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- While Buying Something you Realize that you don't have enough Cash. So you Tell the Cashier to please wait Till you Regen more...

- You Have to Explain to your Literature Teacher that you Only read one Page of a Book per Day so you can Gain the Meditation Bonus.

- While Getting a new Dog, you ask the Owner how many Wins it will need to Upgrade.

- You go to your Local Travel Agency to see How many WishPoints a Cruise Costs...

- You start Digging a Hole in the Park by Your House... When the Authorities ask you why, you Answer, "I wanted to get the the Secret Shop."

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- you read page 1 in a book then go to page 3 because you think your going to get killed on page 2 and at the end of each page you decide which of the next three pages you want to go to

- you go to a supermarket and see they still havnt got any new weapons

- you go to 5 supermarkets to get all your items

- you ask god when the next godzilla(creature) is coming along

- you go to the statue of liberty and try and move it to get to the underground

- you go into a gazeebo and tread on the floor only in certain places to see which part of the floor turn orange and which black

- you set light to you parent/guardian because you think that the heat shall get yourself a few spells

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Wrapped in black for so many reasons

Your boyfriend has to shag you twelve times consecutively before you can achieve a "burst"

this is in black for good reasons and you know it, beware adult content - chewett



Oh damn, that's funny.

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