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You know you've been on MD too much when...

Yami no Sakura

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..When you remember your UID better than another important ID number.
Timezones now come naturally to you.
You catch yourself right before saying "It's like the search for the Book of Principles" or referencing the resolution of the Shade War—aloud.
Historicity overall seems like so much Ancient Lore.
You see 'Syrian rebels' in the news and immediately wonder what kind of falling-out could have happened with Azull.

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I have to share this with you.

Last night I dreamt how Azull was in my hometown, for some reason. 


Anyhows, he was in my flat, and for some reason he physically struggled with me, so I was forced to strangle him.

I don't even know how Azull looks like so I have no idea how did my mind manifest him, but I "knew" it was him.


The rest of the dream was pretty stressful me pondering upon the act.



I have to state that I have absolutely nothing against Azull, nor was I intensively thinking about MD yesterday.

These seemingly random scenarios always make me curios.

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Christmas really has some magic. :)


My first Christmas "moment" for this year was hearing out an old Coca-Cola's commercial couple of hours ago, "holidays are coming" (Serbian version), and after replaying it 3-4 times, postman arrived with some Magic Duel people Christmas cards :)

The timing was perfect.

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