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You know you've been on MD too much when...

Yami no Sakura

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You get off your computer but still think your playing MD.
You threaten to attack your Neighbors with your creatures.
You pull out a notebook to see if there are any battle logs in it.
You finish a chore or a job for neighbors and you ask for a Wishpoint.
Your active days counter says 53/50
When you kill the forum post labeled "You know you play MD to much when..."

[quote name='Glaistig' timestamp='1220387754' post='15592']
Well, I didn't think too much about calling Lu "Lu" in real life, but yesterday I reached a revelation.

I think of myself as Glai.

i__i Such a horrid name... And think about it! That's abnormal, right? Thinking of yourself as "Glai" instead of your real name. It's creepier than calling trees "Bob" after the lonely tree in MD. It is!

So here's another to my list of things I've done which signal an excess of time spent on MD:
-You start identifying yourself primarily by your ingame name.

I do that a lot..I accidentally wrote Kyte on the name line on a test at school before..

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[quote name='Lulu' timestamp='1220062174' post='15217']
-You pass by a random butcher shop with a sign saying "Fresh Meat" and you hear, "Hraa~ FRESH MEAT."

Whats really bad is when you try to get a look into the window to see if the butcher inside has horns. ;)

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Didn't had the time reading ALL the pages but here goes:

-When on you're mailbox you write a list of subjects

-Someone asks you "Where did everyone go?" and you reply: "Are you kidding? he barelly speaks!"

-You quickly take off you're shoes after a run in the park for getting over(heat)charged.

-You quickly get some jars and try to store the heat

<- You're just too bored and you read epic old topics at 3 AM

-You see a wierd hydrant with 8 "buttons" and 1) start calling that street Berserker Way 2)Get a hammer and hit it 'cauze you're frustrated the buttons are bugged.

-You go to a agriculture shop and trying youre best to get a Seed

-You then make a plantation of Seeds and sell them to terorists

-When they notice the seeds are useless you excuse youreself saying "Please please! Wait for the upgrade"

<-If you see a clown with baloons you start wondering if he sells them for a random ammount..

-When you die and go to heaven and see tons of angels and God above them you start wondering how much Ve God has and if you can beat him

-You hire a fat guy with chains and a big iron ball as you're bodyguard

-(as girl XD ) You walk into any bar and start smoochin' random people

-At every piece of metal you see you wonder if they're relatives to Bunneh

-Worship Bobs..i mean..trees..or both

-You're getting yourself rooted to the chair saying "I wanna be like Awyiia"

-You "accidentally" break peoples stuff around and just say they got a lame defence ritual.

-youre actually STILL reading my post.

-I'm gonna continue this 'till you stop reading..but there might be something uber funny in the end :)

<-You feel the luckyest man ever for living in the same city with God and *not mentioning names, dst* A grumpy cat XD

-Words like Greed(o), Burns, Dust, Hollow, Fat Guy, Tree.. will never have the same meaning again..

-Are you still reading?

-At work you wonder if you're papers are aint bugged or expired before taking them to the boss.

<-You pray at God for an update and next morning you get a raise :)

<-You wake up next morning, and laugh hardly at you're own post.

<-You got too many ideeas for this topic lol

-And i'm not done yet.

Legend: "-" Random stuff.
"<-" Own stuff.

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I never posted here before, it seems nothing I did was unique to others, until today:

I had a dream. I can not even write of my dream. Let's Just say it was real like *looks
around to make sure she is awake*

and I don't remember my dreams normally.

and yes I am being vague. it is just too weird, my dream that is.

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You know you've been on MD too much when...

-You read every page of this topic.
-You laughed at a lot of the jokes.
-You read these while waiting for your AP to regenerate.
-Some of your ideas were said already.
-You've done several of the things mentioned.
(above were things I did, below are things in real life)
-You didn't hear someone and try to look in the chat for what they said.
-You think you can hear what people said several hours ago.
-You notice there is nobody around and are worried there will be a lot of viscosity.
-You get lost and cant find any arrows telling you where to go.
-You get beat up and try to find the nearest sanctuary.
-You notice it is the 12th or 24th of the month and feel a lot safer.

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When you start thinking in 8 minute (or 12 minute) increments, to the point of subconsciously clicking a link within 2 seconds of the attack timer, WITHOUT looking at the clock, or calculating "Hmm, want to go here, that should take just under 4 regen ticks"

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