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i just love how this topic turned into a math one....simply love it. ok i see your point.any further conversation on this is moot since we both agree to disagree. yet i know your right and i am wron

Pi is not determined! when does it end, can you give me the last number in Pi? Cause if you can then you are greater then God ((if you believe in that stuff- i just used it as a ref.)), but you cannot

i like it fojar then just to add at least one more mp level with this principles and it will be ultra super

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On 8/31/2008 at 12:14 AM, Fojar said:

True, it's tough to come up with ideas not already covered in the principles we have, especially since Manu put a lot of care into crafting them. We have to look for concepts in our own world that need representing. Here are a few suggestions:

Principle of Energy

- Opposite of Element Principle

- Real-world physics places these two as opposites yet connected, with matter turning into energy, and energy turning into matter (Perhaps these two principles could be subbordinate to the Principle of Balance)

- we could have four kinds of energy, one for each element (light/heat = fire, gravity/inertia = earth, motion = air, ? = water)

*EDIT water could be some sort of dissipation, since it slows down motion with viscosity, cools heat, and stops gravity with surface tension

Principle of Space

- Somehow opposite to the Principle of Time? I really have no clue where to go with this one. o_O (It may already be covered in Transposition, yet it seems to have so much more potential)

Principle of Relativity

- Like Einstein's? Again, I'm stumped.

Principle of the Soul

- Something to help explain life, emotion, and death. Also it could cover the nature of us, the visitors to the MagicDuel universe, and our effect on it.

Again, these are just suggestions. Feel free to edit/tinker/go wild with any of it :)

The principle of space and the principle of relativity would both be governed by the principle of time. The names don't directly say everything about the principle, for words can not always fully grasp the concept with one word. 

And the principle of soul might be under the jurisdiction of transposition, I am not sure but my reasoning for this is that a "soul" would be an identity, which would be under transposition. 


A principle is a complex concept. Trying to convert singular thoughts into principles would not be accurate.


I hope this helps. 

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Also I noticed that a lot of specific things that people are trying to "create" as principles could be, for lack of a better word, concepts. Like life and force. But somethings are harder to classify like mathematics or perception. It is very difficult for me to explain this into words.

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