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Okay. This is unacceptable. While I'm not familiar with quantum reasoning (or whatever it would be), I must say, I can /only/ say, awful. If you get an A, you must get a B as well, or if not, you get C's and D's. I hate this kind of harsh fate, though I've already suffered it. Isn't this too sad?

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Now there are two votes for C. It ought to be obvious. There is no reason to choose A or B. They are duals of each other like paired quantum particles. Either both exist or neither. As neither A nor B can be chosen without choosing the other, the answer is obviously C.

Besides-- I would vote for Glai even without quantum mechanics and Zen!

Belated reply! Yes, hear the wise words of Calyx! Those of you who are voting A and B.. how do you counter this? Hmm? HMM?

Both arguments she presents, of course.

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A and B being duals of each other?


Just because only A and B were available, you had to go and vote for C?

You are making too much sense! D:

How about the rest of the alphabets? How about numbers? Greek alphabets? Cyrillic? Hebrew? Why not some other random character? Can I vote for π? or ☆? or 萌?

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Can i vote for R ? and in numbers i think it would be 2,9 or 29 and in smilies it would be :P and in colour most likely blue or red favorite food would be cake favorite jumble of letters would be RX funniest encoded message 370H-SSV-IH (this message was sent to SmartAlekRJ) but he didnt know whta it meant so he sent it to the CIA can u figure it? :P (favorite smilie again)



2,9 or 29






oh i love randomness :)

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