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Are grasans cute?


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No, the ones in Chocolat!

:-D Let's save earth. . .

... I don't know this one.  I thought we read all of the manga together! D<

And please let alone with the weird noises girls make in anime/visual novels/manga.  It seems like it's always the girls with high voices.

Grasans are cute, they are cute, are they not cute?  Derailed..

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Oh! I remember DragonBallZ. . . "Grrrraaaaaa~~~!!!!" or something like that. My brother used to make fun of it as sounds of constipation.

I'm afraid it'll be hard for us to explain what we find cute. All we can say is that it appeals, right?

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai wasn't scary at all, though. :3

I suppose the thing about anime is just that you can't make such expressions in live action shows. Or whatever they're called. And the actors look more fake than the drawings. @_@

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[06:55] manamanticore: SMILE :D

[06:55] Infaceta: >:)

[06:56] manamanticore: SMILE :D

[06:56] manamanticore: happy smile

[06:56] Infaceta: :) ...

It's freakish i___i

By the way, the purple-hair I don't know.

He is Lelouch, aka Lulu, from Code Geass, a fun and craptastic anime you should watch. :D

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