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Are grasans cute?



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Fine, fine.. there you go, a different option. >_>

And I don't really like Mangas and Animes, but I like Full Metal Alchemist.

You're missing out. D: How many have you tried out?

Full Metal Alchemist was okay-good. I still have to read the manga.

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ok I am ether insane or the only sane one here you figure it out

See whats there! A big/fat clumsy guy hiding in some weird outfit afraid of the world and people who could bully it! (hope you didn't read the description) Its trough and trough cute and adorable! A ugly monster would have his mouth open and screaming "ROAR I GONNA EAT YOU SINCE YOU WERE A BAD BOY/GIRL THIS YEAR" or like this Don't look I am scary well ok thats a bad example since the guy in the pic I post also got his cute points QQ

If you don't like Anime/Manga than you simply haven't seen much.

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I'm willing to bet a full gallon of gasoline that this thread will be derailed into anime and manga soon. Looking at the current faces, it is inevitable.

Prove me wrong. :)


I just noticed that the old "discussion" has been carried over. Me fails. ;_;

And no, I still don't find Grasans cute. They're useful, sure, but not cute. :P

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Are you waiting for me to reply? :P

I trust that eventually there will be no one creative enough to craft a reply, and it'll die for a while until someone new stumbles upon it and comments. Hopefully about how grasans are cute contrary to those who have bad taste, not how the girl in Inuyasha isn't cute. :D

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