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Hmm... Long list...
*walks around the thread taking orders*
Rhaegar targarye- 1 sugar cookie.

Grido - 1 sugar cookie

jazira - hmm. What do you want? Sugar cookie or pineapple pastry

Phantasm- one sugar cookie

Marvolo- *pokes* no flirting with the waitress.. one sugar cookie and i dint steal yours.

Dst- *looks up* its nt a lie. :) i have experience working as a cook under lady isolda and Ms Mcvitie. My ex master Malichi gave me a secret recipe to the sugar cookies! :D

*puts on her apron and goes to the oven and bakes a batch of cookies*

*distributes to everyone*


erm..what did you want dst and kriskah?? Cookie or cake?

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*clears her throat* AHEM! THIS IS MY PARTY! All those who say my cookies and cakes are a lie will be booted out..

Now for your orders:
jazira : 1 pineapple pastry

firsy: i wont give you 12 but yeah 4 maybe. 4 sugar cookies for firsy.

akasha: i'l make you sugar free artificially sweetned rice pudding!

marvolo: you want chocolate ice cream? Cross my palm with 1 silver and 1 drachorn i'l get you. XD

burns: *gives a helping of both*
i hope you like them.

gauge: what would you like to have? Pastry or cookie?

kriskah: i fresh pineapple pastry..

dst: last offer- sugar free rice pudding... Or pineapple pastry or sugar cookie

cryxus: hmm. Nt open with the bar sir. I only know how to cook. So can i get you something to eat?

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