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I have been gone from MD for some time and I have finally returned. I am on a quest to make a name for myself in these mystic lands. I am the bringer of carnage and confusion. Any who wish to challenge me step forward, and those who come to seek my aid will find me waiting. I have traveled trough many lands honing my skills and studying the ways of the mystic and now I make my return and bring my skill to the lands of MD.

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Erm, Hi?


(has no idea what to say)


(is famously bad at hello topics)



(takes a deep breath)

Let's try that with spaces this time.

My name's Vassi, and I actually joined several months ago but gave up on the tutorial
but then got an email saying I had a chance to get 5 free credits so I thought I'd try
it again and I got to mp3 and found out the game was really fun so now i'm here
and Hi.

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Glad your enjoying yourself, if you need help in any way or fashion, there are many who will help you out, have fun battling and discovering your role in our little world.. and also.. Don't ask me for help.. -_-

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HO please read the announcement properly...

the announcement

Just ask chewy and you'll have your PM access...

And welcome Krazedkik ^^
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