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My name is Nathan von Minden. I live in Kitchener, Ontario. I am currently in a welding/fitting apprenticeship. I am in the Canadian Reserves, and I love MD! It's an original game with many new update

Let's breed Metal Bunny. Haha

Note how Grido refers to you as "little one" He has a reputation. Just so you know.

i am happy i made you laugh... my job here is done...

hmm making his own bugs and exploiting them, maybe i should maybe his friend little by little... who knows what he is capable of doing and what he will share with me MUHAAA HAAA

Edit: Oops that was supposed to be in my mind voice

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Well, I have been playing it for a week and I am addicted..I was addicted after the first hour of playing it lol

well, hello,Sir Udgard =) Yes, I do enjoy it very much, Sir Udgard. It may just be the best game on the internet. lol

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[quote name='Death Bell' post='22547' date='Dec 17 2008, 12:51 PM']just to make it clear.. that was supposed to be a joke :) (dst)

cool lady fang.. i hope i also can chat with u ingame.. and talk about animes all day long if you are free. :P and one last question do you read manga also?[/quote]
*wags her tail* yep i am reading spice and wolf manga at the moment

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Czesc! (Polish)

It is pronounced like this ----> Ch-esh-ch

Drinks on me!!
:drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:

(this is sometimes used by pirates when they are thisty ^^ :rofl: )

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It's my first time here at the forums, and about 20 days in the game.
I should start introducing...
My name is Sunset Zero, and I'm in no way related to simplyzero or subzero and all other _zeros there.
Mind if I post my character info here?

"The ways of this world is foolish. I hate it.. I hate it all. Who

controls this world? None other than darkness itself. No, I am not a

being of darkness, but I believe the world is only of light and dark.

Everyone deserves to die, but everyone deserves to protect each other.

Who says? The emissary of light says so.
I don't really care about those things. It's just the cycle of this

world - the cycle of life and death. 'It's better lifeless than dead'...

Life is the Genesis of love, and death is the end of pain. That is the

simplicity behind life's complexion, and reality is the reflection of


Well that's about it!
Hope to be friends with all of you more!

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::notes that all of Storms hello replies involve a drink::


Greetings and welcome ::smiles::

If you need any help feel free to message me or find me in game or forums

I like what you've put about yourself, keep it up

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