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If u speak about Kingsduel here maybe is time for me to say my nickname from kings... B)

I suppose u heard about Akasha :P;):)

I have known this for a while, ever since I found out you were Manu's wife it became too obvious, and the reason you aren't active on those forums is because you are busy helping with MD :)

Also, I assume you made the pics of all the generals?

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Hi all, joined the forum after checking the site. The game looks pretty nice. I could contribute with graphics ( not drawings though :P ) if there is such need, as I'm a 'little' experienced in Photoshop ( actively using it for few years already ).

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Oh, are you still a student as well? When you said real-life, I thought you meant work since I consider school more of a half-real-life

I see..but Yes I'm a student as well ;)

Sorry for the confusion :P

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