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My name is Nathan von Minden. I live in Kitchener, Ontario. I am currently in a welding/fitting apprenticeship. I am in the Canadian Reserves, and I love MD! It's an original game with many new update

Let's breed Metal Bunny. Haha

Note how Grido refers to you as "little one" He has a reputation. Just so you know.

Yami go back to your college essay (if you haven't finished)! Stop posting on the forums and read those six books you need to finish by the end of school! Do you want to get accepted by lousy schools?! You know what! if you get distracted so easily from your studies, you'll become a grocery bagger (no offense to grocery baggers) in an Asian supermarket.

You'll grow old quickly before you get promoted; you'll be one of those frail, small Asian ladies whose faces are worn wrinkles because of the menial work. They have to wear hairnets to prevent the short hair (they have short hairstyles) from falling out, as the hairs fall out easily because they're stressed and overworked. You see them wearing aprons and squinting through large square glasses and sweeping the aisles hurriedly and stocking shelves haphazardly and frowning irritably at little adorable children who play in the supermarket. That'll be you.

Or you'll just become a bum because you can't keep up with rental payments. You hear that?! Saki-bum! Do you like the sound of that?! DO YOU?! Don't come back here, you lazy bum! Don't even reply! Go back to work!

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It's kind of late but I decided to join the forum,I started playing about 24 days ago,and it's a really good game,different from everything I've seen.....I like it and I would really like getting involved in this game!

But for now I just want to yell a big : HELLO! and greetings to both new and old players!

And that's about it......

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Well, I've been playing a little under a month now, and figured I'd give a formal greeting of sorts to the community. I feel I am a polite player, I enjoy the occasional RP but have met a relatively small amount of people at the moment. I will gladly help anyone, in any way I can, but I'd rather it not interrupt any RP I may be partaking in, and would prefer such questions to be private. Of course if I'm not currently RPing, I'll gladly answer in open chat. I currently have no adepts, other then my other account and I have yet to start actively advertising for any, but I shall in due cause.

Thank you for greeting me the way you have. Now... onto the character stuff...

My main character is Dragoonus.

Please note this is the first draught of my back story and although the basics will not change, I may elaborate on some parts at a later date.

I am a man with passion, I feel not remorse, pity or sorrow, and indeed my apologies are empty. But none the less I remain polite. When questioned, or put under scrutiny I am often referred to as evil, and although I myself do not believe my actions to be evil, I take on the fa├žade as I feel it helps me to achieve my goals.

My passion is simple, to become powerful, for the sound of my name to strike fear into the very core of all who oppose me.

Feelings, emotions, all of these, other then passion are nothing more then distractions and nuisances on the battlefield. Love, sadness, joy have no place on the battlefield. Passion drives us, with true passion comes progressive power. Two equally skilled warriors may fight, but he who is less distracted by emotions and has a greater passion to accomplish his goals will surely overcome the other.

I seek few out to call friend, and it is only by chance that I discovered the Necrovicon Sentinels to have similar goals to my own. My end goals shall remain my own.

My Story.

As a boy, I was quickly plunged into a world of combat and torture, for many years I endured physical and mental torture, I still remain scarred and branded from the fires of the furnace. But in my teenage years I finally overpowered my wardens, I enjoyed watching them suffer, seeing their blood slowly drip from their hanging corpses. To the eldest of my wardens, I removed his intestines, moving with such speed that I was able to strangle him with them, during this time, his brother watched in pure horror screaming out for mercy. His brother, oh how I toyed with him, at first I simply pushed my thumb into his eye until the blood began to run down my arm. Then with great glee I slowly slit each of his fingers and toes open then, at long last simply diced them. As I worked up his arm, he continued to scream, begging for death. Did he ever grant me the mercy of death when he would torture me? No, and thus I decided I would leave him limbless, and half blind screaming in a pool of his blood. To this day I do not know his outcome, my only hope is he lives to this day in pure sufferance.

Not long after my escape, I realised I had nothing, I was nothing, I had no name, no money nothing. Yet, I felt something I had never felt before, a passion to become something. I walked for seemingly miles and met nobody. Cold and tired I fell unconscious by the road side. When I awoke, the ground around me was scorched and smoking as if a great fire had erupted around, as I looked around, I realised that the scorched earth was in a near perfect circle, and in the middle was where I had laid.

To my astonishment, my clothes were not harmed in any way and I felt fine... a realisation came over me, I had been caged, tortured and made to slave for this reason, this is why I was referred to as monster. The room I was kept in, the furnace... it all become to make some form of odd sense, I had been kept in this room so long that I had forgotten why all the walls were scorched, why the furnace would be out by night, but fully lit in the morning. But who had done this to me, why would they do this to my power? Hide it, hinder it, with time I may learn to control this gift...

I began to wonder aimlessly, thoughts running through my head at such a pace they were beginning to overlap. I had this power... a power I could come to control and use.. had been hidden from me, and had caused me many years of grief... people... society... civilization could not stand the fact I was different, anger filtered through my core. I decided to take revenge, people were not to be trusted, I would gain power by my own terms, anyone who got in my way would fall before me. I cackled, almost manically, as I ran towards the now visible town.

Several years later, although I have yet to learn to control my ability, I have at least managed to prevent it triggering while I sleep. I have come to research certain principles of magic in hope this will unravel certain mysteries surrounding my existence. My anger soothed, and my enemies fel, I stand here looking to be recognised, feared and even worshipped. I battle fiercely, my passion for combat is rarely subdued. My power shall be recognised, the mere mention of my name shall soon strike heart into the very core of your existence, but until that day, I shall remain in the shadows somewhat, not showing my true objectives or goals until the time is right.

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Hello from Australia!

Names Dan but you can just call me Gatecrasher, haven't played any MMORPG's or done any role playing for many years now so I thought I'd do a google search... This game seems very interesting and definately unique.

Look forward to joining the community soon. :rolleyes:

Kind regards,


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