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Hello and welcome to MagicDuel. :D

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask around. I hope you will find this game as fun as we do. :)

Don't worry about bad English. Playing the right kind of games is one great way to learn English, and I believe MagicDuel is one of those games. You can also try to read the forums regularly and learn from other people's writing styles. ;)

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Yes! Use my immaculate English as a model. ;)

ahh D: My English.. I'm a native English speaker.. so why? i__i Why is it that others use English correctly when I can't, and their first language was something other than English? Why, actually, is English such a horrid language? Why, for that matter, are they even fluently bilingual? I can't speak to my relatives..

Muhh. I'm learning Spanish. >_>" Bienvenido a MagicDuel. Ten un buen tiempo jugando. Ya tengo muchos errores, yo se. Voy a ir y estar triste solo.

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Thanks, Sacosphilz!

I'll, if I need. :)


Hahahahahah... I hope, too.

It's a wonderful game, which I had never seen an equal.

I'll try not to worry, but I have fear of expressing me of erroneous way and the members of the forum understand that I didn't want to say.


Jajajajaj... Gracias, amigo! :lol:





Thank you very much! Lovely? Thanks!

(I hope has not been ironic :))


Thank you for they welcome me in that way. You're very gentile. :D

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ooh i come from England too :) out of curiousness, do you have a strong accent? i know quite a few people from that area and they all seem to have one

heys, and welcome to MD :) feel free to ask anyone here for help, we're all nice and friendly, also there's a helpful 'live help' button in game which you can message through for help with anything game-related, enjoy the game, and have many happy times here :)

@Lulu, lol hallo is German, and it really depends on the person anyway :P

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personally, if i complain outloud about spelling or grammer at all(i don't much), then i only do it to native english speakers, i'm rubbish at learning other languages (have tried to learn a few) so i have a lot of respect for anyone who has actually managed to learn it as a second language :)

:) :)

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Thanks for all your nice replies =)

I don't really know whether I say hallo or hullo but I doubt it. I usually say hello just as it is, or hiya, or " 'ey up" at times. I do have quite a strong accent. People tend to look at me like I'm crazy when I go down south but to be fair I really tone it down when I know someone isn't from the same area as me. My accent gets strongest when I'm just with my family. I even tone it down around my boyfriend, who's a Londoner.

And yes, a cup of tea definitely does solve most things, if not all.

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I started this game yesterday, very late in the night. I have no idea what I was thinking then... I have no idea what I'm thinking now... Oh well, I do know that I'm kind of... understanding what I'm doing and I'm becoming quite fond of this game. So, this will probably be my only post/topic in a long while...

So I'll just use it to say hello.

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Im new to the forum and wanted to know if there are some brazilians here?Oh and i thought i could help translating somethings in portuguese....but please dont take like im going 24 hours translate......its more like a hobbie than help if you need me call

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