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My name is Nathan von Minden. I live in Kitchener, Ontario. I am currently in a welding/fitting apprenticeship. I am in the Canadian Reserves, and I love MD! It's an original game with many new update

Let's breed Metal Bunny. Haha

Note how Grido refers to you as "little one" He has a reputation. Just so you know.

*acts as if there are limited spaces for lho team, and that is why there are so few lhos*
...there isn't? ^_^ any possibility i can be one? i do try to help out with questions and the such, and when i have time go down to paper cabin... i keep trying to look into different ways i might be able to help out with the game
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lol, I suppose you might think there are limited spaces on the LHO teams, but I doubt we're filling up many of them. We actually have a couple, some which are also rpc:




BigC (largely useless)

Rex Umbrae Killer


Raven (newer)

kempinuikas (newer)



There are probably some I'm not remembering, but it's not like we're all online (not idle) for long periods of time or very often. It's a kind of small team in my opinon to cover the whole of MD, especially when there is a surge of newbies registering. There are some people who are applying to be LHO, as well, so you might as well join them. Message Jonn so he can put you on his list of consideration.

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Hi there, from the south west of England,

been playing the game for a while, ex wow addict looking for a free game :)

tried a few, but am enjoying this one, have just made it to the second story part, mid power has just gone up to 4.

thought I'd log in and say hi,

I see there are player from all over the world, I am looking forward to advancing and kickin your butts!

lol - only kiddin, looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying a potentially great game, is definitley fun so far. ;)

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hehe, raining all day today where i am :)

hello and welcome to this magical world :) hope you enjoy it (what am i talking about 'hope' of course you will ;))

if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

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hehe welcome to Magic Duel, where bouts in the SE you from? am in England meself, though central not near you

glad you're enjoying the game, if a question does arise feel free to ask it, countless players will be more than happy to answer it(me included ;) )

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It's hot and sticky here, summer, you know. Supposed to be a drought; can't really know, but apparently the lake has fallen to the lowest level since thirty years ago.


Welcome.  Thankfully, you can forget such unpleasant things playing (if you're in an air-conditioned room).

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thanks for the greetings everyone :-) I always like a good friendly forum.

Though I suspect it may be cursed as no soon as I said it was sunny up here then the heavens opened and the rains began...and kept going....and are still going. It's now greetings from really soggy Edinburgh :-(

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I'm Juntaozhu15 from Florida

I've been lurking in these forums since I started the game (a very unique game)

I've just moved up to mp4, and finally figured out how to fight the loreroot gaurds on my second account (nowhere near strong enough to win though :(

Hoping to meet new people and find new ideas :P

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Welcome >:P You must've seen a lot of my posts, hmm.. I feel like I post a lot. Like maybe, more than anyone else. But it's not like I can really tell. But what I do know is I shouldn't be posting, or at least not to an amount which feels like a lot, or maybe more than anyone else, and I should be doing homework. Yes, I don't think I should be posting "hello" even now. Oh well, it's too late now.

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*looks at Glais' profile* 568 posts (4 per day)

*looks at own* 351 posts (3 per day)

i think you do post a bit :P you also might've seen me around here if you've been lurking :)

well have a nice big hello from me, and as Glais mostly forgot from her aswell :(

hope you're enjoying the game as much as we all are :) and continue doing so :)

if you have any questions feel free to ask away :)

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thats a point, i know it's never night in MD, but does it ever change it's weather (except in Golemus on the mountain path)

Well, yes, this is more to the point, what I meant to imply. In the lands I have access to, the weather is always fine, soft white clouds difting slowly by.

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Hail, my amigos...

I don't have many words to say because my english is bad, I think.

I'm glad for discovering that game - it's one of the best browsergames than I played -. Now, I just play MagicDuel and other browsergame. I hope to bring my friends for this game!

But, my main objective is to know if somebody is brazilian.

Anybody? :D

Nomaste, hugs for all. :lol:

P.S.: Forgive me for my english mistakes. :)

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