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Hello :) It's nice to see that you're contributing to the forums already. It will help both the game, yourself and other players significantly~

*wasn't active on forums until mp5* But, well, now I'm forum spamming :D

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I am thrilled to have found Magic Duel. It is the only game I've found so far which truly incorporates the duality of Death-and-Birth, Light-and-Dark, Reality-and-Dream, etc. It is a distinct pleasure to find and play a game where understanding of these philosophical principles is essential.

This is the Tao and for the first time in any game I am comfortable with the fighting and attacking other players. I've always avoided PvP in the past.

For those who are curious, I took my name from the title of one of my favorite short stories, The Calyx of Isis by Pat Califa which can be found in the anthology, Macho Sluts and Other Stories. Maybe I will experience that fantasy for real one day. For the truly curious, my path was in the opposite direction of Pat's.

I realize that capital building of Marind Bell is formed of two gigantic feathers. However, look at it more abstractly: it resembles a calyx and is thus the opposite of a phallic symbol. As an amazon and feminist I find this greatly appealing.

Post script: I see now that the correct name for this building is Marind's Bell. As such, the calyx symbolism must be deliberate!

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i love enthusiastic players :)

welcome indeed, after reading/scanning the FAQ and you feel you still have questions feel free to mail me, an LHO(Live Help Operator), or a Mod, or indeed anyone else that offers, anything that you want to know about :) make sure to enjoy the game :)

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Hello! I've found this game not so long ago, but it has soon became one of my favourite games. Im from Lithuania, although probably not many know where exactly it is. I hope to spend good time with you!


Ingame Genys

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