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My name is Nathan von Minden. I live in Kitchener, Ontario. I am currently in a welding/fitting apprenticeship. I am in the Canadian Reserves, and I love MD! It's an original game with many new update

Let's breed Metal Bunny. Haha

Note how Grido refers to you as "little one" He has a reputation. Just so you know.

I never said I didn't like emoticons, do you have an ailment eating away at your intelligence? :) It was merely a cynical introduction towards a true masterfull yet somehow failed sarcastic/ironic comment... I'm really sarcastic in life, it just never seems to get across through chat. :) I know it's really sad... (get it? get it? har har... you know.. because I used sad in the same way, except this time it ended with it and last time it started with it, the design of the text and how it makes you feel are also connected to the 'sad' and yet the texts are different :). Also sad here is meant for a different topic, somehow, and yet it gives the same feeling. It's like a badly designed chiasmus, because it requires to much out of the box thinking and it works on multiple levels... see what I mean? :):D:D)

Seriously if you got that, there will be a red spot on your forehead, the size of your palm.


Yes! Yeeeees! Yes, yes, yeeeees! Give in to the darkside, you know you want to. Slap your head and make yourself even more suitable to be my meatshield. :)

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I took pleasure in melting the backs of gummy bears together back in my youth.

Combo! Combine! New flavor by combination!

It appealed to me and fit in what I considered cool.


Yeees! Give in to your DaDaIsT


Give In

Bunny! Bunny!

Gory Gunnery Great

Yay, me so happy

To Your

Aw, me so poor

Hoc tibi de me recipe

Kijk veel films en gij zult goed leven

Dadaistic feelings

Go my young friend. Go, oUT, in, a b c d e f=t BLAZE


Dadaist GLORY


Yes, that's right.

Bunny, man, always bunny.

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Ugh.. There are emoticons splattered all over.. and their yellow faces pop out suddenly.

I dunno~ Maybe I mistook your post, but I thought you might be saying that you shouldn't bother so much about emoticons in the first place since they don't relate to real life. I was saying that others (you?) have formed an opinion about me regarding my use of emoticons, so my concern over them is not trivial.

Hum.. does this mean I should or should not increase my use of emoticons?

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Cool! Gummy bears and DaDaIsM


Gummy Bears

like Glaistig! Lulu!

LuLU LAla!

Green bears drift stuck to

And Dadaism

Blue bears in an ocean~

Hojas de arboles agitaron

Youkoso ni sekai a Lulu

Make a new flavor

Go my Gundam gummy bear. Go, oN, answer, b t w HOWIs

my comment

Dadaist ?????


Lulu says hi! wow! cool! & combo!&combination!&n___n;&etc.

Trees, me, rustle trees.

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You do know what dadaism is right? You just copied a dadaist work, which automaticly makes it... well... not so dadaist... I could explain my work if you wanted me to, but that would have to wait till after my last exam on wednesday :D

Besides that I find your... elaborate copying... 'quite' "complimenting".... thanks... I guess........ '....'

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Yup, read in my dear history book that it's a "type" of where the artists try not to follow any rules, err, etc... Didn't it come after WWI? Hah, once I take the test I don't bother retaining the material. Or more like, the material leaves on its own will.

Yes, I ruined the dadaism by copying. ): Well, the "give in to your dadaist self" made me feel a bit compelled, and I was admiring your work, yesss, hmm.

I still don't get how my words about gummy bears was Dadaist, though. :o

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Well it wasn't, I felt like venting my dadaist alter ego... don't ask.

It was the closest thing coming to something poetic or of literary value in these forums, with the big exception of the self-proclaimed epic poem about poor gummy bears. And yes it did came after WWI, as most modern literary movements are :).

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Now tot reminds me of whacking slimes in MS. Got boring after a while, but the slimes shore were cute. . .

(e ç e) or (ô___ô) or (ò___ó)

are the best I can come up with. n__n;

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⊂( ゚ ヮ゚)⊃ Aaaaaah

All hail the Bunny Lord!

(\/) <(--<) <(--<) <(--<) :worship:

(-.-) <(--<) <(--<) <(--<) :worship:

(..)(..) <(--<) <(--<) <(--<) :worship:

All hail the Bunny Empire!

To the rest who do not worship the Bunny Emperor entirely! t(^.^t)

Lol... beat that :)

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