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Lol, backtracker. This would be a completely useless post if I didn't put in anymore info, so I'll just say that I watched reaper, ep16 (Teh Awesumm, that devil guy is funneh) and after that National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. (Also Teh Awesumm, Just longer and less jokes, but still more excitement and intrigue and witty banter :P) So.... Gonna watch Forbidden Kingdom tomorrow... hehe I love streaming stuff. Can't wait to see Sun Wu Kong (King of the Monkey's, or Victorious Fighting Buddha (that is after his enlightenment) for you heathens! :P)

Goodnight, lol, I feel as if this is Twitters, even though I don't use it.

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My name is Nathan von Minden. I live in Kitchener, Ontario. I am currently in a welding/fitting apprenticeship. I am in the Canadian Reserves, and I love MD! It's an original game with many new update

Let's breed Metal Bunny. Haha

Note how Grido refers to you as "little one" He has a reputation. Just so you know.

... All of you, including MB, are posting a lot for a simple introduction topic.

Hello Yami. I am Glaistig. Make sure you say hi to me if you say hi to others in the same place, because otherwise I'll feel excluded.

Welcome to magicduel. I've been playing for a while, but people who have been playing less than me are more advanced. Get to mp5 soon and make sure you attack me a lot.

I like purple, but your purple hurts my eyes.

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No soy de espana o otro pais donde personas hablan espanol. Yo practicando espanol para mi clase....

No debo escribir aqui, pero yo quieri, pues, usar mi espanol. Pues. Este fue dificil. Lo siento. n___n'

Bien venidos a MagicDuel? (:

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Hola~. No hablo en espanol bien. No comprendo mas de que escribes. Pero me gustaria digo algo. :)

Soy la hermana de Lulu. Tambien aprendiendo espanol ahora. Creo que deteno ahora porque se que no te gusta mi espanol mal.

Como te gusta magicduel?

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Gracias a todos por el esfuerzo de escribir en español...es genial!!!

Si quieren mejorar su español o tienen alguna duda de como se dice algo, pueden escribirme que los ayudare con gusto.


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Wow...I missed a lot while I was sleeping/at school.

@Bunny: *laughes her head off at the nihilism page* :lol:

Do you know what's The Forbidden Kingdom about? I'm planning on seeing it after my exams are over, but I'm kinda curious about its plot.

And yes...we are hot. :)

@Grido: Congrats on being 100 days old! ^^

Wow...that sounded really weird out of context. :)


I guess you could call my room an "organized mess" too since I've got piles of stuff that can be generally categorized. Very generally. >>

Yes, I still do, actually. Saved somewhere. I lost a lot of stuff in a virus attack about a year or so ago, so I don't know if I still have the character's picture on here. His name's Kurama (from Yu Yu Hakusho) if you want to look it up yourself.

This is definitely the best welcome I've ever gotten. :)

And last but not least, @Glaistig:

"Hi Glaisig!" There. I said "hi." =P

I'll do my best to get to MP5 soon-ish. No promises, though.

And I darkened the purple, so better? If not, too bad. I'm too lazy to change the HEX code again. =P

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Well Forbidden Kingdom is kind of Americanized.


A discovery made by a kung fu obsessed American teen sends him on an adventure to China, where he joins up with a band of martial arts warriors in order to free the imprisoned Monkey King.

Gonna watch some cartoons first :)

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forbidden kingdom, from that, sounds like karate kid, hmm perhaps slighty more like it when it's high

hehe i love those sorts of things, if someone said something perfectly innocent like

"it was so big and throbbing"

obviously talking about someones heart they'd just seen an operation of, and the person who hears just that bit might take it as a bit weird out of context.

-wow i love taking things too far :)

hehe if i had a bigger room i could afford to be more generalised, but alas i dont

ooh, nice artwork on the character i like this one:)

well that makes out effort all the more worth it :) :)

mp5 can probably be reached in 50-75 days i should think, so not too long to wait :)

hehe which cartoons MB?

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Donald duck and it wasn't as much as watching, more as reading. I downloaded about 800-1000 strips, from Al Taliaferro, Don Rosa and Carl Barks. Goes from 1934 till 2006, but there are no strips from the 70's and 80's, because Carl Barks came way after Don Rosa. But Barks is epic :)

Watched Iron Man instead, so awesome :D

Cool posters btw, I never have any in my room, because I'm just never interested in them.

I do however want to (once I have my own room or preferably, my own house) write down every single quote I deem worthy on the walls, floor and ceiling :)

Also, if you've read the entire story of The Journey To The West, like I did, you'd be drooling as well :P. Ah that stone monkey is so funny :)

You know what's great out of context? Is that yours? Always works for me :)

And that purple is a lot better on the eyes :D

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@Grido: Hahaha! I think it's rather distressing that I immediately took that sentence in the worse way possible. I'm so corrupted. ><"

Ooo, that is a nice one. Why don't I have that picture on my wall yet? >>

Now to get hold of a color printer...

I think I could do better than that. I just hit the exp cap for MP3, so now I'm really careless about choosing my battles. At this rate, I could probably go on to MP4 within a day. That is, assuming that there's not shortages of victims.

@Bunny: Journey to the West? You mean the original Chinese one, or the one that's been butchered by a Japanese manga-ka, Saiyuki? I've seen the original Chinese series from god knows how many years ago. I've heard readings of the novel from the radio when I lived in China, but I haven't actually read the book itself.

Anyway, yeah, the monkey king is pretty funny. I think he's every kid's favorite character. ^^

You know, you could've told me earlier if the purple was bothering you. :D

@Glaistig: I guess I could pull out some other HEX codes I saved, but nah.

Oh dear God!!! NOT THE PINK!! My eyes are gonna buuuurn. D=

Neon yellow and hot pink are the two worst colors ever created. I don't even use that color highlighters because they burn through my retina. :P

Oh and in case anyone missed the blue mass of text that is my signature, I won't be online for a week because of nonstop exams. So, yeah. Don't be offended if I don't reply for a while.

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I have my exams in a week from now... :D And they last for 2 weeks :'(

And I read the Journey to the West in English, with the original Chinese text on the left side. So when I was done reading the books, I had gotten used to reading only the right page... kinda weird, especially in school :S.

Also: You lived in China? Cool... ish... depends on where you lived :P

Also: pink? NOooooOOO00000OOOhhHhHHhh

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For the sake of replying quickly in school, I shall not use pink.

But I shall not discontinue either (: What don't you like about pink? Please don't say because it is a girly color. It's sad that some people dislike pink just because of the stereotype; it's a color just like any color in the world. I would feel sad if I couldn't see pink anymore.

It's also a color that really stands out, which is one of the reasons why I occasionally have a pink phase.

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It's not a girly color, though I did have such associations with it, but that stopped once I saw the first generation of metrosexuals, which was a traumatic experience all on it's own. Anyway, it, like Saki said, has an otherworldly color which will burn through your retinas and let you see the face of evil itself... Not a hyperbole, honest... :P

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It's not a girly color, though I did have such associations with it, but that stopped once I saw the first generation of metrosexuals, which was a traumatic experience all on it's own. Anyway, it, like Saki said, has an otherworldly color which will burn through your retinas and let you see the face of evil itself... Not a hyperbole, honest... :P

Is this a much better color, then?

Honest, I don't really see why it hurts the eyes so much more than two light contrasting colors which you try to differentiate in order to read symbols.

Well, I don't mean to be harsh, but I do prefer hot pink to Saki's font color. If she's willing to negotiate, I'll stop using hot pink if she changes her font color.

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oh i love readin comic strips specially when i have a few days spare with nothing to do, which doesnt really happen so much atm unless i'm procrastinating from doing revision :P

ooh i saw that last week as well, brilliant film, great sound track, slightly plausible :D

i might steal that idea myself when i'm older, though i'll probably overlap some of the quotes on the wall, i have many that i like :)


Hot pink? Nooooooooo, retinal burning would certainly occur with that, and indeed did slightly when i read you post in it :D go for a milder pink?


hehe it was written to be construed that way lol

"hello, my names grido, and i...i...i've been mentally currupted for 4 years now *sob bawl sob*"

there isn't a shortage of victims in mp4 last i checked, most of the regular players are on that level i think

you actually listen to yourself? i dont tend to listen to myself, could be because of my small amount of willpower

My first exam is on monday, but it's not a 'real' one it's general studies, non optional :) after that i think it's the 10th june

think i'm done backtracking now :)

*EDIT* @Glaistig it is quite a fun one to use :)

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Lol, fine I'll confess. The pink annoys me, like a midget god of most unrighteousness that keeps poking non-shiny yet unwelcoming sharp objects into my cranium. It feels most unawesome. I have no idea why I have that, it's just a thing I guess... like how I talk to myself (admit it everybody does that from time to time :P), sometimes I do that on purpose when people are near me, just to freak them out, especially since I usually think and therefore talk to myself in english (I'm dutch btw). It's one of those quirks you know?

Heh I guess everybody our age is having exams.

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Don't worry, a Yami-Glaistig truce was made. (: You should thank her for saving your eyes from the pink.

We already had standardized testing two weeks ago, yay~ Was pretty easy; too bad I got three major writing assignments for the newspaper so I couldn't enjoy a homework-free week I used to during testing. I just dread the IB finals that come in the last week of school.

Only 4 weeks left~

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lol, the famous Yami-Glastig Pax. Nunc bonum pro aspicendum est.

Oh! Latin (unless Dutch is really similar to Latin) ... My old Latin understanding skills~ Do they survive?

Umm... "None good for direct object is?" :9. A year having left basic Latin course, and I can't even remember the cases and stuff....

Edit: Shoot... Nunc doesn't mean 'nothing', huh? It was 'nihil', and 'nunca' means now? "Now it is good for direct-object?" Ehh n__n'

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