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:lol: kamusta? how're you guys?

i hope to enjoy the game as much as most of the guys here!

:) well, my first impression about the game is that it IS WORTH my second and third look. It required me to use patience. I was kinda bit impatient first, but i learned that it was all worth it even though there are some "errors" over all i think the game is quite different from other browser games. :)

i never thought that i would even find a game, much as a browser game, that would require one to think, play a role, and use ones wits in defining "the mysteries of the universe".

:) Behind the solid blanket of words, in the vastness of the human mind, stars outshine each other, but there are some mysteries that are hidden behind what i see... :)

i have to stop now...i'm already seeing in the eye of my soul, the sunset rising parting ways from my sight. gah..loneliness :( ...kidding..ang corny ko ano? OA pa...*over acting

:) :lol: bwahahahaha! i hope you took some time to read my novel...bwahahaha :lol: :P


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My name is Nathan von Minden. I live in Kitchener, Ontario. I am currently in a welding/fitting apprenticeship. I am in the Canadian Reserves, and I love MD! It's an original game with many new update

Let's breed Metal Bunny. Haha

Note how Grido refers to you as "little one" He has a reputation. Just so you know.

oh lol, i didnt realise they replied to themselves till you said that, oh it's going to be fun with players like them, specially with certain things i saw mur testing magic-wise

like magically changing your name to imitate other players

anyway, welcome to the game, enjoy yourself and be sure to have fun, both of you :)

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bine ai venit printre noi, sper sa-ti petreci timpul cu placere printre jucatorii de MD

daca ai intrebari sau nelamuriri poti sa-mi trimiti un mesaj (ori aici ori in joc - numele caracterului meu e ANUBARAK)

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Uy!! gracias por la bienvenida ya se que es un poco tarde para responder, jeje, pero casi nunca entro al foro porque odio escribir en ingles, lo hago medianamente entendible pero me lleva pila de tiempo armar lo que quiero decir....

Bueno si alguien lee esto me gustaria ayudar con la traducion al español del juego ya que tengo bastante tiempo libre ademas de que me encanta este juego y me gustaria hacerlo accesible a mas personas de habla hispana.

Me cuesta armar frases en ingles pero no tengo ningun problema en leer o traducir en ingles.


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when God saved the queen she turned a whiter shade of pale :lol: anybody know the song?

are there really so few romanian players in this amazing game??? :P nu pot sa cred asa ceva... (en: i can't believe it...)

p.s. this is my first post :)

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Hiya everyone! I'm Sakura, though I'm also known as Saki or Yami. ^^

Oh, and yes, I usually am this hyper/bouncy. I've recently become readdicted to hot cocoa after being clean for two years. >>;


I've only been on for a few days (weeks?), but the game is already starting to grow on me. This is really exciting! Everyone's so nice and helpful, and the game itself is beautifully done. I love the artwork and the storyline and how unique the gameplay is. I'm surprised that I didn't find this sooner!

I look forward to seeing everyone in the game! <3

Oh, another thing: please let me know if this color font is annoying you or making your eyes hurt/bleed/any other unpleasantness. I like posting in this color since it makes finding my own posts easier, but I'll stop if it's painful to look at.

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Hi Saki

I'm bouncy too, because I'm a bunny :), but... :(, hot cocoa seriously? lol

Uhu... (I know it gets lame real soon :D)

It's probably because it's hard to find a treasure, so no wonder you're surprised.

Good luck with that, lol


Naw just kiddin', you like purple, I like green, we all have our flaws. :)

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