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My secound char is Skald

A Necromance in norse Mytholigy, or so i think he was.

the principles are:

The Principle of Imagination, The Darkness Principle & The transposition principle.

I was thinking of making him a similar char as a Necromancer... but this will do. XD


Hey, I have chose the same three principles as your 2nd character lol...and i know many choosing the same three..it really make sense to have these combinations! I believe this would pwn @$$€$...xD

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here is a little back history

In the begining there were around 20 members of the forum and the game

now me and revan are the only two people, except manu and ana, that were from this era as everyone else never logs on

now he has returned from the dark side

Hmm.. what about me eh?

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I have been playing for .. I dunno two weeks? :)

And I have to say... LOVE the game..

and a big hello to everyone :) ... :lol:

I am Jamie from Belgium (female) .. I called myself Valentina because it's my middle name :)

I am a chef and I enjoy doing a bit of art.. mostly digital paintings and photomanipulations ..

I love movies and I enjoy the sounds of heavy metal and soundtracks ( epic orchestra's etc...)

I am going to try and submit some avatars for the game, I just have to see if mur likes them :huh:

I guess that's it for now...


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