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and, as Mur has said before, and similarly, as chewett also had the problem, I can't find the post, although I read it about 4 days ago, if you have 13 active adepts, you can give vitality that you don't have, he said something about having 18 adepts, but I don't remember what. anyway, maybe 18 was max. but you can give vitality that you don't have if you have certain number, unless that has been changed.

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No they don't give attack/defence bonus or other bonuses!
each adept gets you 8% of vitality to your creatures so 10 adepts are 80% of vitality on just one click(action) ...BUT... 12adepts are 96% ...whatever comes over comes from nowhere. WIth maximum of 18 adepts you can get 144% vitality on just on click, and yes it will give to the creatures more vitaliy than you actualy have.

or at least it does so untill i will decide if to fix it or to consider it a feature:)

Please use the Search feature before you post something!

Thank you!

This is the post and quote.

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Mmm... I think there were some modifications to this from August (post of king manu) to December (when I started playing)....

"Recharging a creature

To revive your creatures go to the creature inventory page and click the little orange button that will appear under each creature that lost vitality. Like this you will give 8% of your available vitality each time you click and loose one action point."

So, with no adepts = 8%

I think the bonus is 1% per adept, I have 1 adept and I healed just 9% to my creature:

Current vitality: 2526

Amount healed: 202

(202/2526)*100 = 7.9968% :P

Shouldn't it be like 9% instead????

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