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but as you can heal more you are stronger as you can use less vit healing and more in the battles

indirectly making you stronger

You are way wrong! You do not use less vit healing! You use the same amount but the amount you heal when you click on your creature is greater. That is all! You still use your VE no mater the percentage! If you can heal 16% in one click you will lose 16% for your VE.

Adepts don't make you stronger!

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Good day, happy new year, I only wish to say Hi.

I'm from Venezuela, I think there aren't much people from Latin America here, but if anyone read this, please answer, it could be nice to speak in Spanish with someone from time to time :)

I Statrted playing a few weeks ago, but everytime y find more fascinating thing in the game, I enjoy a lot the "quasi philosophical" explanation of King Manu (aka Muratus del Mur) about what are the creatures, and like the concept of the "balance" between wins and losses.

Well, It is my first post here, I hope to get 100 fast :lol:

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i see that your intrested to no were i am see you around i will next be at the... in half an hour

aPples Apples aPples applEs peaRs - Cabbage cAbbage caBbage lImes oraNge

figur me out and 84's your reward

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