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Right well .. first of all..

Hello there to all and everyone and a happy newyear ( better late than never i guess, though do not read this post halfway the year, that makes me look even more like an idiot.. )


I'm DD, ... no not my cup size..

i'm DeViLDiCe ingame as on the forum so :)

I'm blond, brainless and nuts or bonkers or an idiot, whatever you prefer to use that is..

I'm a happy fellow, 'always' in for a chat or aid and assist etc..

That is aid according to knowledge and capability to help out :)

Furthermore.. well not much

just wanted to say hi, like many have done before me, and like many will do so after me .. ( i think )

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weeellll omega, you've seen me around before..

and if i get attacks, all i do is just whine and nag a bit here and there..

or say something stupid like

"i see dead creatures" ...

same ol' same ol'

not much to do about it, it's the game i guess..

could hardly kick you for instance, you is a bit too much for me :lol:

all things in due time i guess..

and a thnx to all for making me feel welcome..

also to those who allready had to kick my hiney outside willow's shop.. :)

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Hello, i'm CMR.

I just joined (was sent a referral link by someone) and it looks quite good so far, especially for an early stage.

I noticed that you are still looking for people to help with things. Unfortunately I'm terrible at things like graphics, but i have had experience owning/manging/moderating forums before if that helps? Mostly made with Invision, as this one was.


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