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My name is Nathan von Minden. I live in Kitchener, Ontario. I am currently in a welding/fitting apprenticeship. I am in the Canadian Reserves, and I love MD! It's an original game with many new update

Let's breed Metal Bunny. Haha

Note how Grido refers to you as "little one" He has a reputation. Just so you know.

Finally! Somebody that won't talk to me about puberty (ewwww :rolleyes: ).Mostly everything except horror. I like fantasy and thrillers the most. I sometimes read all day while other days I don't read at all. Depends if I'm stressed or not. I see that you play Tribal Wars. Which world?

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i used to play on world 1-5. I was in charge of the TRIBE OF GLORY (ToG) (World3) aout 6 months ago, but i resigned, leaving a friend of mine in charge over the 7 or so tribes.

I left for a few reasons.

1) I got bored... 15 villages to look after gets boring after a while.

2)People are stupid. My inbox was maxed out most days.

3)I didnt really have time to play anymore.

But meh, twas enjoyabe for a while :lol:

You play?

And how can you not like horror books!? Stephen King is awesome!

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Lol. The tribe leader is Nikwad now. There is some chaos between the ToG family ( yeah as always ), but everything is going well. I'm always trying to add some spice in the Games and Stuff thread :rolleyes:. Better check it now. G2G now. Can I add you as a friend?

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- life in general - I agree. No puberty.

- games - I like games. Love Halo. Not very good at it, but I like it nonetheless.

- books - I used to read a lot back in highschool. Haven't really had the time now.

- people - I don't like people. Okay, maybe a few people. :rolleyes:

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legendary question says you? Well, a couple of useful powers would really be...

Having the ability to speak every language on the earth - so that i could go anywhere in the world on holiday and enjoy myself to the MAX!

Umm another really useful one, would be the power to create unviersal equality, and to redfine the world in my image (like peaceful... no CO2 scares... no global warming... etc)

And finally, (haha cliche of the unvierse) being able to stop,go back/foward in time would be magnificent.

Chabout you matey? Your turn!


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