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Hello all Magic Duel fans (or I hope we will be when we`ll see the finale). I`ve been searching in other forums for updates in Magic Duel and then King`s Duel came out and I had a chance to talk to the Great King Manu himself. His words of Magic Duel being continued were so insipiring than ever before. I am glad you came back and we can call Magic Duel the name "Reborn" now... I am very waiting for any updates... Thanks all the Magic Duel team for making time go faster as we have something to wait... thank you again :D

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Can't wait for the game to come out. In the meantime, you COULD share some fresh screenshots with us.

Cheers :D

I am preparing ..... a preview interface, to let you navigate a bit in the game and discover the story that is done so far. ...yeah, i know this sounds like an official announcement, and it will be very soon :)

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Hello everyone =) glad to see a good TBG comming out soon hopefully, I've been craving TBG's for a very long time now and most that I've come along to have either been boring/too hard/too long or just clicking, let's hope you guys got the right combo =)

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