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When you have a new idea open a topic(in which all can comment) but also post it here so it will be easier for us to keep track of them. If you already opened a topic please post the idea here and

List of new ideas from first page of this area, commisioned by dst ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I do not know who exactly come with this idea first...but this is my version (latest one, first is from more than a year back) A new extra feature named COLLECTORS BOOK This feature will enable 2

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I have Two ideas:

1. A running timer on attacks: when you click attack this player it says the time you need to wait to attack (2 mins by example). Then we have to close that page and click the attack button again if we want to see if the time passes to attack. If we have a running attack timer we can wait (in the same page, without close it) for the timer to get 0 and continue the attack.

2. Pre-written chat buttons: When i write a welcome message or when i write the messages in the rode i need to open the notebook copy and paste. It will be better that we have like 3 buttons next to chat (text 1, text 2, text 3) with a predetermined text, so when i click that button the text i have written in that button appears in the chat, making more easy write welcome messages, path messages, tc.

For example:

Text 1: Welcome to Magic Duel!! To start your Adventure click over the shiny scroll in the desk.
Text2: If you need any help press the LIVE HELP BUTTON in the right side of your screen, or just ask here in chat.
Text 3: Enjoy your Adventure and have a Magical Day!!
Text 4: *smiles* This is like no other game, so go ahead and try it :D

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new idea

Is to add a search interface to the Personal Messages Page. Some days ago I was searching for a specific
Personal Message sent to me, long time ago, by *Mya Celestia*. The thing is that to find that PM I
deleted like 200 PM. This can be solved with a search interface in our PM's page. So we can write
a player name and find the messages sent by that player.

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Avy Note Tool

When we upload Avys Mur accept them or reject them. If Mur reject them he leaves a comment
telling you why he reject them For example: I don't see MD anywhere. If we put MD in the avy
we can't do anything because we can't leave a note for MUR to see. For example: MD is posted
in the right win of my avy.

The point is too truly fix what Mur ask, and that we don't get confused making changes he truly don't want.

In my opinion if Mur makes a note or comment tool (maybe limited with 250 letters) so we can leave a little
comment (asking you want me to add shades or what you refer to blcak avys) to the avys he reject, we will
get less confused and we won't loose our work changing things he truly don't want us to change.

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I was thinking in ideas that could be used to keep players in MagicDuel, and I though this:

If a player gets inactive for a certain period of time, he maybe need something that calls or make him get back.
So I though that if the Council or Mur implement an automatic message that says:

"We miss you in MagicDuel, please get back."

[promotional material of MD, maybe pictures or interesting graphics]

or maybe

"We Miss you, You are an important part of MagicDuel, please try us again."

[promotional material of MD, maybe pictures or interesting graphics]

or something like that, and sends it to the players that get inactive for a certain period of time (maybe 10 days).

That will help bring some player back.

[b]Possible issues:[/b]

---emails sent for inactive Alts, well the solution is simple:

With the creation of this feature, another feature that allows to disable emails from MagicDuel should be created.

Please post vote and your ideas or possible issues,



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New idea:
crit owner history displayed (owners, tokens - with dates); also clear crit history MD Store item (Extra Feature, deeper)
[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9189-crit-history/page__pid__80107#entry80107"]idea thread[/url]

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[quote name='BFH' timestamp='1307108488' post='85667']
Not sure If it has been suggested before, but i don't have time to check

I suggest the ability of renaming rituals
Maybe.... 50 or so times?
Its a popular idea :P

Also, you forgot to link to your [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9844-rename-ritual/"]topic[/url], hope you don't mind me doing so for you.

Edited by Kyphis the Bard
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In order to speed up crit management, especially for slower connections, rather than display all crit graphics, tabular view with basic crits facts is proposed.
Discussion topic:

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[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10265-name-autocompletion/"]Name autocompletion[/url]

A special key would trigger the completion of names of people present in the current scene, given the first few letters of the word being typed in the chat box.

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