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Avatar Trivia Night – May 22

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Avatar Trivia Night - May 22, 2021.
Two sessions: 1500 and 2200 server time.  Location: the Gazebo of Equilibrium.

Each session will consist of 3 Parts - guess by clues, identify hand copies, and guess the name of the fossil.

The avys used in the two sessions will differ, so you may compete in both sessions if you choose.

Part 0 - before the event, hand-draw one avatar of an active player, save it by the "Store-it-Now" system with enough lifetime to last until after the event, and send me the link.
Shoot for quality that would allow it to be guessed in exactly 10 tries.

Part 1 - I will describe the avy of an active player, giving out clues one at a time in chat.
First to guess it in chat wins a point.

Part 2 - I will show the hand-drawn avys you submitted, one at a time, via link in chat.
Person who guesses it first in chat gets a point.
The person who drew it gets points equal to the number of guesses it took up to a maximum of 10, then falls by 1 point for each guess thereafter.
No points if it takes 20 or more guesses to identify.  10 guesses means the difficulty was 'just right'.

Part 3 - I will show avys of players not now active, as far as I know.  First to guess who it is gets a point.

Prizes yet to be determined; number of categories depends on the number that attend.
At the very least a wish point will go to the grand total point winner.

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Can't find many young fossils with an avy! Merged.
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On 5/5/2021 at 5:22 AM, Fyrd Argentus said:

before the event, hand-draw one avatar of an active player

'scuse me, Fyrd, but do you mean an avatar for an active player (our image of the said character)? because an avatar of an active player is just us drawing the avatar they have...

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Posted (edited)

I am referring to a relatively crude (kindergarden-level) sketch of an active player's avatar.  Bad enough that it's hard to guess instantly, but to get it eventually.  stick figures maybe. 

Hard to guess name to go with a fossil, so could be fun, but super easy with an active player - where's the fun in that?  So I'm adding to the challenge.  Now, if you think you can deviate in the direction of "spirit of the person" and still have somebody get it, all the more power to you!


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Posted (edited)

ALERT!  Since links in chat are sometimes not working as expected (ie are sometimes visible), please save your drawn avys with NO REFERENCE TO THE SUBJECT in the filename.  Better if you use the name of the artist in the filename.  Maybe this will change by May 22, maybe not.  For now, make the filename to be not a giveaway.  Thanks,

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Posted (edited)

Acoustic Remains of the 1500 Session (below).

Session Scores - parts 0 (drawing) - part 1, 2, and 3

Ungod - 3 - 3, 0, 14 => 20  {best part 3, visual ID}

Ailith - 0 - 10, 3, 6 => 19  {best part 1, verbal clues}

Demonic God - 0 - 5, 5, 1 => 11

Ledah - 0 - 3, 2, 0 => 5

MaGoHi - 0 - 0, 3, 0 => 3

Aia - 0 - 0, 3, 0 => 3

Fang - 3 - 0, 0, 0 => 3

Else - 1 - 0, 0, 0 => 1



AR Trivia 1500.docx

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Posted (edited)

Acoustic Remains of the 2200 Session (below):

Session Scores  - part 1, 2, and 3

Ailith - 6, 9, 7 => 22

Ungod - 6, 2, 9 => 17

Demonic God - 7, 5, 0 => 12

Pipstickz - 0, 0, 5 => 5

Sunfire - 0, 0, 4 => 4

Mallos - 2, 0, 0 => 2

Ledah - 0, 0, 1 => 1

AR Trivia 2200.docx

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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Final Total Scores & Prizes:

Ailith = 41 => Wish Point!

Ungod = 37 => Gold Coin & 2 black roses

Demonic God = 23 => Gold Coin

Ledah = 6

Pipstickz = 5

Sunfire = 4

MaGoHi, Aia, Fang Archbane = 3

Mallos =2

Else =1

Thank you all for participating!

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