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The bard who would be mime

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(reference to a quest)

I propose a little game for the weeks to come, done at random times or, if the audience demands of it, at a fixed hour. It's a simple 'guess what he's mimicking' game, but it will always be a saying or a proverb, what is being mimicked. 

Just like the 'fight the knights' game, each round will have winners, but points will carry over to an overall total, when top three will get creatures (more and more rare).

Additional rules: I will mimic the main words of the proverb, each guessed word is worth 5 points, the one who says the proverb first gets a common item of choice as reward* and 5 (or 10 points) carry-over

*or uncommon, if you convince me it's role-related

Additional rewards: to starts with, the top creatures for the first games** are 3 pimps I've been using to make shmsh (details under the spoiler icon)

**ending when we top player reaches 150 (or maybe 200, we'll see) points


You can use them to make shmsh yourself, just by using 3 sc. Or you can sacrifice for shards - one has 2870 ad, another 2070, last one 1150. Or you can train them for stats, as they are tokened - one has blackdiamonds, sunshine, emeraldglare, stardust, enlightning, claw1, antifreeze; another has claw1, stardust, antifreeze, blooddrop2, blooddrop1, emeraldglare, firedrop, osirisbelt, jewelshards, onyxfang, darkshield, lat one has sunshine, darkshield, claw3, onyxfangs, jewelshard, kellethafire, stardust, emeraldglare, blooddrop 1 and 2, goldtear, blackdiamonds, claw2 and firedrop. Or you can use them in battle. Obviously, if you want the three of them, you'll have to buy them from the winners. Ah, heat stored is negligeable (5, 3,and 1,5 mil), as well as battles -700, 700, 450.

I'm closing this, I can't get enough people.

Edited by Ungod
close, lack of participants
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