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Removed Shard Value Wonky?

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So adding shards to my test bird, it was 100 for the first, 900 for the second.

I removed/recycled a shard and recovered just 100, and it says 900 are still embeded, and that it will cost 900 more to embed something else.

Shouldn't the returned shard (dropping me from 2 to 1) have pulled off 900, instead of just 100?

Later: removing second shard does get back 900.

Even Later: More testing, the wonkiness only occurs if I recycle the first shard installed.  If I recycle the second shard I installed, it works as expected.

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Nothing wonky about it, works perfectly.

The shards you use on an ability are embedded in the creature with that ability, and are returned if you recycle that ability. You can recycle initial abilities that required less shards, or later abilities that required more shards, you will get each time the number of shards spent at that time on that ability.

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Then, if you recycle the first shard, why doesn't replacing that #1 shard cost you that same 100?  Why would it cost 1800 to have a 2-shard critter?

You have to recycle both in order to start fresh at 100 for the first shard.

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