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End of Stage 15 - Detailed updates list

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(Summary provided by Clair de Lune)


Announcement 4821 onwards


Stage 15 introduced

Chat font size can now be set in options

NPC fights revived

NPC fight A25 advanced version

A25 Logs introduced for any changes to items.

A25 UNDO function introduced to track and reverse any changes done to clickables

Combat Exit on the island introduced

Updates and Changes saw an improved layout for screen sizes above 1600 width and a25 tools and editor getting upgrades to delete progressive items, show previous item placement and setting item collection locations.

Undo/Redo for A25 introduced to allow reverting of any clikie related action.

Value points renamed to Wordly Inertia.

New activation trigger for clickies available to activate clickies if another related item from any location is set to a specific level.

Gazebo of Equilibrium converted from flash, along with the Christmas Tree and all the gifts.

Vitality and Winertia bars introduced between the side panels to make them more visible.

A25 was given new clicky action for sound, allowing designers to mix sounds on clickies.

A25 was given enhancements to its trigger function, allowing 17 new features available.

Stricter rules for ip bans came into effect. Banned Ips cannot register to play. GWI spam, links or suspicious chat will result in instant permanent IP ban.

A different page layout became available to improve the interface.

Changes to creature cost implemented to make it more expensive to farm many of the same type.

A25 Timer feature introduced on clickies.

Preparations for Gateway Island saw all accounts inactive for more than 3 months relocated there. Ancient accounts were also taken out of story mode and all were sent invitations to return.

A25 introduced sound triggers on item activation.

A25 saw a new function to hide or show a clicky with advanced rules.

A25 tools for Broken Pattern Puzzle were upgraded massively allowing configuration of varied behaviours.

13 new sounds for puzzles and clickies were added.

A25 was given new tools and powers for trigger detail and the Clicky editor

The Daily Login Bonus was introduced.

A new puzzle was added to the Gateway Island.

The BPshards Puzzle had changes to its trigger function.

A25 had tools introduced to setup principles to be chosen at that location.

A way to reach Gateway Island from the mainland was opened.

Changes to the maximum number of Action Points were introduced.

Boosters to add maximum Action Points were added to the shop.

Completion of mapping heat-vein only locations by the dedicated team.

Newly revived ancient accounts requested to declare ancient powers to Mur due to incompatibility issues with current realm status.

The map Identities item was added to the shop.

A25 saw introduction of new clickie function of activation based on what you say in chat.

A25 had a new function of wishpoints being rewarded automatically via clicky introduced.

A25 holders given access to army of bots with the tools to manage them.

A25 feature added to remove triggers.

A way to choose principles was added to Gateway Island.

A25 feature added to modify stats to predefined values, change them by percentage or set them to zero.

An update was made to allow features on clickies to act depending on the fight for cause function.

A25 given tool to amend, remove or add creatures to NPCs, with additional tools added to allow change of NPC details depending on event.

Bounties were added.

Regen timers were increased by 5 mins for all lands, VE cycle increased by 50% and AP points regen lowered by 50%

A25 given creature edit tools to allow holders to edit and add new creatures.

Additional info added to profile pages showing further details such as exploration points, heads and so on.

A25 given feature of clicky ability to be influenced by heads.

Introduced new reward functions to A25 using clickies to dispense.

Glowing letters to the left of the interface changed to show only players with A25 tools open.

LHO system was disbanded.

A25 editors given ability to mark a scene as “Protected Chat”, preventing visibility to earfocus spells.

Logs for trading, Creature Transfer and Wishpoints were reintroduced to MDA.

Major PHP upgrade was made to keep us safe for the next five years of upgrades.

A25 Item Template was updated to allow holders to add items more easily to the game.

The consecutive days tracker was introduced.

A change was made to the resource stack system to reduce waste of resources when using item processors.

A25 given new command allowing clickies to be customized to give any items with the item template system.

New button added to show the current leaderboard of consecutive days count.

A25 tool release of NPC Talk, allowing interactive dialogues on clickies, with dialogue support activation added to provide more variation and multiple uses for important clickies.

Over 40 types of A25 checks were added to allows clickies and items to show more comprehensive details about players and features within MD.

Change to Alliances regarding confirmation of a nominated leader.

Animated clickies introduced at Gateway Island and Gazebo of Equilibrium.

An A25 action was added to allow animations and alteration to scenes.

Autorun effects were added to clickies allowing visuals or messages to run on click.

Announced introduction of fantasy doors as an experiment to take us to experimental realms.

Limbo was removed, meaning if you enter a now non existent location, you are immediately transported to the nearest safe one.

Partial access to A25 tools to be given to more players.

Introduced a new activation rule to allow players to activate clickies based on date and time.

Changes made to transferrable items making transfer more difficult.

The ability to change vitality was created with the possibility to damage or heal.

Raven Hold now heals and increases Action Point regen for Lorerootians when active and in the capitol.

Items in fillable clickies can be set to turn into a different item when activated.

The Unholy Guard was introduced to Necrovion as another way to achieve death.

Rules for gathering tools changed to allow only one of a type to be carried by each player.

MD Rework 2021 was initiated by Chewett.

MD moved to a new server.

Creature Shards and Creature Marks were introduced as features for combat, with three additional panels added to combat logs as a reflection of this.

A generator was created to allow creation of the creature shard abilities.

A new LHO style form of support announced for Gateway Island.

New chat whisper function implemented by Chewett.

A25 tool for a scene language string swapper implemented.







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