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MD Birthday 2021 - Day 15 - The day of the past

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Today is a little different and a more sombre affair with us remembering those friends who have passed through MD. The joy we shared with them while they were here will never be forgotten. You are invited to write something about a player who is not with us to remember them.


Either someone who temporarily not with us, or more permanently, you are welcome to share a memory or even just their name today, we wish them all well.


MagicDuel is nothing without the players, and we have enjoyed meeting each and every one of you.

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In this post I remember both Awiiya and Handy Pockets, and the many seed-walks we had taken together. I learned about poetry, prose and perspective from Awiiya. From Kets I learned kindness and gentle quiet strength. Not just these things, but these in my mind were some of the biggest influences of Yoshi's character and I miss them terribly.

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I remember Amoran K Kol, then one that welcomed me to this land, intrigued me with hidden secrets, lore and history, and showed me the light of the moon. I miss her every day and hope that one day I shall speak with her again under the mighty tree of Loreroot, or in the bowels of its beautiful twin in Necrovion.  

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I remember Emerald Arcanix, a good friend and a true Seeker. From time to time, I recall our discussions and reflect on the impact that they had on me back then. I am sure that everyone lucky enough to exchange words with him will also agree that Emerald was one of finest minds you could come across in this realm.

I hope that he is well and that someday I'll meet him again, quiet as usual, at Wind's Sanctuary.

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I remember Khalazdad, a legendary storyteller and a fascinating character who drew myself and many others to him like a magnet, sitting in front of the Howling Gates. I like to think his memory smiles every time a story is told somewhere in MD.

I remember AqlBeast, my first protector and a Seeker of Enlightenment. Someone who taught me a lot about this game, I like to think every time somebody around MD asks for help, Aql's memory is there to answer.

I remember MRR who, most important of all, taught me how to do the silence spell! MRR, and MRP as well, also taught me many combat tips and tricks, and I like to think every time somebody reads and learns from their fight logs the memory of the MRs fraternity (not the alliance, exactly) is happy.

I remember many many others who have come and gone, and of course those who have stayed too. I like to think every time someone makes a new friend in MD, our memories rejoice together.

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Just yesterday I posted a status about how I miss one of my old comrades Neno Veliki.

He is one of the few friends in this realm who knows a lot about me, both inside and outside the game.
We started the game almost at the same time, we were newbies together, growing together, even doing bad things together (not something to be proud of of course, but it's part of the lesson we should have gone through to become better players).

He never said no to anything I asked for, from the simple to the craziest one.
I still remember how he helped me when I struggled to get my golden head trophy (because of the time zone difference that killed me), I remember how he accompanied me online, collected the heads for me, and protected me while I slept. What an angel.

When some time ago I decided to go on hiatus and occasionally visit this realm, I saw him growing up as one of the great and respected player, using his talents to help develop this game and helping many people with his works. I'm so proud.

I don't think he's gone yet, I think he's still around, it's just feel like I need to leave this post here, as a reminder for me and everyone, that there will always be someone in this realm you can always count on, as a partner, and as a friend.

Neno Veliki (Nenad the Great), is an embodiment of integrity and loyalty.

I wish him all the best for everything he is going through and will go through.

Edited by Poppi Chulloz
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