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Mouseover text on arrows not showing


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When hovering over an arrow (or other clicky that allows moving to another scene) the old mouse over text indicating where you'll move to does not show. Currently it only shows AP cost.

For example the top arrow in the below scene (7_ascendstairs_1) used to say something along the lines of: "Statue Hall Steps" and the bottom arrow used to say: "Foundation"2100691691_Screenshot2021-04-2718_57_27.png.88effc210d5618ad6da7af8760129694.png

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Ann. 5251 - [2021-04-28 23:26:19 - Stage 15] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett   0 likes   

New A25 tool - Scene lang string switcher
In moving over MagicDuel to flash we have lost the wonderful information in every clickable. Previously if you hovered over a clickable you were able to see where it would go (provided the language string was written). We still have this information but need to convert it over to the new clickables.

This new tool (available for A25 members under Tools Pane -> Misc ->Scene Language String Swapper ) allows us to move the language strings to the new clickables. Thanks to Kaya for pointing me at the issue.

This will be a two part project, the first moving over all the language strings and the second will be adding missing ones. I am currently writing the interface to add missing language strings.

I will be documenting what needs to be done to move over the language strings and sending it to current A25 members so that we may coordinate the work.


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On that note, I think I still have a bunch of entries I never got around to sending for the part between the Temple of the Void and DoM from... 5 years ago. They're not particularly hard to write, and I've got no idea about their quality, but might be of use for phase 2.

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5 hours ago, Poppi Chullo said:

Missing 1 movement arrow text

From Power's Ascent (Coord: 1_-3x-2_1) To Storm Ferry (1_-3x-1_1)


theres no lang string for that arrow, so unfortunately it can't be fixed right now, phase 2 soon :)

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5 hours ago, Syrian said:

theres no lang string for that arrow, so unfortunately it can't be fixed right now, phase 2 soon :)

Ah, okay. I was just passing by and was thinking about reporting it in case it missed, thanks. :)

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