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One-way Travel Arrows

Fyrd Argentus

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I'm thinking of how much fun/havoc this could create in races, chases, and events of that sort.  One-Way Travel Arrows.  For example:

You ought to be able to jump off the MDA balcony and land in the room below.

Leading west from Marind's Marble Stair there is a road you cannot follow.  Perhaps it should lead to a crumbly cliff that dumps you somewhere in Loreroot.

You might jump off Mount Kelle'tha with a glider, or launch yourself with a catapult, and end up -- ANYWHERE -- in the realm at random.

I don't know how the currents flow in all these bodies of water, but entering one at one place could see you swept away to some other.

Obviously, these are dangerous stunts and may take a %age of your vital energy away - moderated perhaps by agility-related skills.

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We already have a number of those (e.g. the exit from Marind's Bedroom Balcony, the path from the floating cu... Spheres in Necro to the trial of Agony, and a handful more) but more one way paths doesn't hurt!

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