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shard ability - MarkSkillModify

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[UPDATE, format change, full list of options, removed nonsense, generator script!]

Use this generator


marks=archives,badluckbadluck,crippled,egg,ethereal,golemus,ranged,winged,;block=5%;target_skills=attack,defence;mode=add/subtract/multiply/divide (negative values allowed);runpoint=before_creature_turn

it alters a fixed value or percentage from all the target_skills, for all the creatures that have the marks defined in "marks"

Same rules and info like the previous post, go ahead and unleash your imagination!

Keep in mind abilities work together and think of a plan on how they could be mixed. Don't write the plan, write just the info and code like, the rest we will all discover once/if implemented!



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 (Mur: Energy burn sounds like an ability that could be based on an other shards ability that actually considers heat)

This relates to:



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 (Mur: GOOD)

markskillmodify|marks=plants (toxicodendrite and moss);block=50%;target_skills=power

I'm not fully sure whether this could work as reducing power stat doesn't seem to affect  consume ability's effectiveness, but I think it'd be interesting if it worked

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marks can have logic, abilities should fit the logic presented for that ability. Suggestions of rules or logic for an ability other than those presented, means you are suggesting a new ability, and not using the one presented. 

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- negative values are possible in some cases, turning penalty into benefit, but i will also add new param, read below

- my edits on your post should be permanent, i will probably not go a second time over the same post so don't edit. If its rejected, you can delete your entry and add new one. One entry per suggested ability please

- avoid adding new logic, this ability is simple one. I will add new parameter to allow multiplu, subtract, divide, add called mode

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  • Muratus del Mur changed the title to shard ability - MarkSkillModify

markskillmodify|marks=random enemy or friendly frozen creature;block=100% for one turn;target_skills=affected by freeze aura;mode=subtract

Not sure if this is possible with the way that marks seem to work logic-wise, but it could be interesting to be able to thaw a frozen creature for one round. Or perhaps this would better fit a different template other than inhibit.

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Please use this generator . Only what you can generate from there is valid. In some situations when you need more complex functionality, this ability could depend on other new Marks. If so, describe them in the dependencies field. Try to use existing values, as i will add new marks only if they are 'great'. I will implement first abilities that do not require new marks. 

If you are designing a new ability that involves additional logic or rules, it will have to wait untill i create such a generator or template ability that will support that functionality, stop spamming this thread with abilities that require other things. Their time will come later (probably).


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This ability is implemented right now

Ranged Inhibitor

Partially ignores atacks from ranged attacks and lowers power of all ranged creatures incrementally on each turn

Template: markskillmodify

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