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I present to you, another quest to revive Granos.

Another one you say? Quiet in the back now...

I had hoped to avoid seeking help for this, but every time I rest my head, I hear this incessant nagging… some call it a conscience, but why would any conscience whisper the word “void” at me nonstop, let alone mine? Initially I feared for my life, but now I fear it is my sanity that is at risk, so please, help me!

I need you to make a ceremony/ritual to resurrect Granos. You must be able to achieve this in-game and must provide any resources you intend to use. Failure to complete the ceremony and resurrect Granos should you win the public vote… means a fate far worse than death for you - your spirit used in place to resurrect Granos, with all that entails…

Submissions are to be sent to Ledah via forum PM and not shared with anybody else, or your entry will be disqualified.

Other than that – you have free reign! Anything else is permitted… but not necessarily advisable.

All submissions by 24/04/2021 23:59 ST, public vote will be held the next day, or whenever I find the energy to copy and paste all the submissions. If there are 8 or more participants, there will be a final vote between the top 2. Vote by either upvoting or liking the post, if you do both, your vote… will be terminated.

Final public voting will have ended by 27/04/2021 23:59 ST, with each voting round given at least 24 hours.

The ceremony must be completed by 03/05/2021 23:59 ST, or again an… alternative ceremony will be prepared with the winners… assistance.


Anni crit for 1st if 6+ participants, 2nd if 8+, 3rd if 10+. Plushies regardless!

To further clarify, rewards are based on the popular vote of your method.

The ceremony being succesful will have no impact on you receiving your prizes... but it will have an impact on you.

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Posted (edited)

I should clarify, you personally are not required to mechanically revive Granos as part of the quest, through any means of your own.

From a practical side of things, I will have a spell to revive Granos.

So long as that succeeds, at the conclusion of your ritual/ceremony etc., that is a successful revival for the purposes of this quest.

Anything else is a failure, of course!

EDIT: To further clarify, rewards are based on the popular vote of your method.

The ceremony being succesful will have no impact on you receiving your prizes... but it will have an impact on you.

Edited by Ledah
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On 4/18/2021 at 2:10 PM, Steno said:

Ledah, finally making his own quest??!!! How the tables have turned!

Had to happen someday...!

I'm extending submissions by 24 hours to 25/04/2021 23:59 ST as I won't really be around proper until late Sunday now.


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Posted (edited)

As I had 4 whole submissions, public voting will be 48 hours long, one round only. I'll be holding my vote until the end... Voting ends 27/04/2021 23:59 ST.

Like or upvote the one you want to win.

Edited by Ledah
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Our THIRD entry:

Deep in the East, there's a grove, a grove where large trees abound. There's a number of such trees there, a fixed number, and no more grow. Without fire, that is.

Take the body of the deceased and carry it to the grove. Don't forget to take a solid quantity of bushie wine or other alcoholics. Once there, lie the body in the middle of the grove and share the drinks. The intoxicated warriors need to remove the excess heat that now flows in their veins. Let them fight and raise temperature to boiling levels, then all you need is a spark. Get within safe distance and watch the body burn in the flames. 

Come back a week later and watch new seedlings sprout, seedlings that needed fire to emerge.  During that week, you should prepare the deceased body in clay, with a personal object to be placed on it. Bring the clay body to the grove and put it near seedlings. If all goes well, the deceased will be seen walking among the living again, and no traces of the fire damage or of the clay body.

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Last but not least is number... 4!

First you must gather your comrades. Then, you send them all out to do mundane time-consuming tasks. While they are gone, you take Granos’ body, standing it up, making its eyes open. You hang a mirror in front of the body so the eyes stare over it’s shoulder. 

You take all of the lumber and ore you’ve collected and build a giant oven that granos’ body can see. As your comrades come back, you kick them and the offerings they brought into your oven.

then you light the oven. As Granos’ souls see other souls joining him in such a cruel fashion of betrayal, then his soul will be summoned back because of the vacuum such a large exodus has created. It is crucial though that his soul sees the mirror to alight upon and re enter into his own body, not possessing someone else’s. Now this method may draw other previously deceased souls back. However the method involves betrayal and subterfuge m, which should especially draw upon the soul of one such as Granos

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Well, surprisingly close! I'm disappointed I am not able to give my own posts a little blue heart or green arrow, but I suppose the 7 of you who voted will have to do.

In first place we have the one, the only, Clair de Lune! The voice only gets ever more incessant, so I hope we can arrange the ceremony soon, I certainly hope within the next 6 days...

In second place we have our incorrigible bacon lover, MaGoHi! He has, of course, chosen the 'free' murder, most wise. On a personal level, I hope you choose your next victim more wisely...

In joint third we have the dynamic duo Steno and Ungod! Clever, clever, deliberately gaming the system to come in joint third... I expected no less from you two! Very well, you each get 5 shiny gold coins... I am truly generous.

Well, that's all folks! Thank you to all my wonderful participants, anyone who showed up to vote, Chew for helping with certain abilities, and last but not least the ever lovable Granos, who has very wisely kindly stayed dead this whole time!

I hope to see you all for next years murder...

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