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The loser takes it all

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Ladies and gentlemen

We are proud to introduce you the tournament made perfectly to let Ledah win for once.

In this edition in order to win you need to ...lose!

Sign up here if you would like to try this unique tournament and see if you are worse than ledah at fighting!

Signup closes at 17th of April 23:59:59

The only question that remains is: do you feel lucky?

Rewards TBA

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As Sunfire is currently indisposed he asked me to post the rules for this most noble of tournaments in his stead. After extracting an acceptable price I have agreed to do so and changed the rules so they best suit myself whilst doing so.


Best of 3, single elimination. Any creatures, any tokens, only restriction is no moss.

Obtain your dice rolls from https://www.random.org/dice/ - roll 2 die at once.

The first roll decides your twist, the second the quantity. For example, rolling 2 then 5 means you must have a minimum of 5 different species in your ritual for that round.

  • 1 - No handicap, no effect - disregard second dice roll
  • 2 - Minimum number of species in the ritual
  • 3 - Minimum number of creatures affiliated with a land (NML, LR etc.) - List coming soon! Check first post.
  • 4 - Must have at least one creature of that level in the rit
  • 5 - Must have minimum number of coloured crits
  • 6 - Handicaps 2 - 5 together, all 4.

If you are unable to have a full 6 creatures in your ritual, you must add 5% of influence per creature. Should it be discovered you are opting to leave out valid creatures from your ritual according to the dice rolls... I have heard Sunfire has something special planned for you.

Rewards? You'd have none if it were up to me but the glory of competing, I suppose Sunfire might have different ideas however...

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Posted (edited)

Thank you very much my esteemed ...assistant

hereby we provide a creaturelist per land (if you see anything odd you can let me know)

Creaturenames also include their colored varieties (eg aramor is also Imp and Anniv)

NML: grasan, aramor, barren souls, shmsh, berserker
LR: sharptear, knator, daimon, ele, toxic, tree
NC: shade, horseman, up, ts
gg: drach
mb: winderwild, heretic, ele, angien
mda: molima
fantasy: nutty, santa, joker, morph
unknown: tainted, windy, bullet, aqua, minotaur, darkling


And without further ado here is the draw of the first round:

Else vs Tamu
Jubaris vs Poppi chuloz
DG vs Ledah*
Ungod vs Nepgear
Lashtal vs Aia
Chewett vs Pipstickz
Redneck vs Steno

* In case Ledah doesnt revive in time i will take his place

Good luck to all the losers!

Edited by Sunfire
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i have received valid questions from Lashtal, i will post them here for all to see:

" do we re-roll between each fight?"

yes, each fight will mean a reset of the handicaps

" what if i have no valid creatures for the requirements?"

your opponent automatically gets a point

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2 minutes ago, Demonic God said:

I'd say that banning the Moss but not the other Aia creation (Berserker I believe - that does aimshot to all allied creature) is a bit unfair. Both are cheesy in their ability to make a ritual lose. One is just more accessible.

One would think so, but if a certain leader of the Caretakers did happen to possess of such Berserkers, ascended to their highest level, and also did happen to create the rules, mayhap, naught were overlooked?

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It might have certainly been overlooked purposefully, I'd just like to raise concerns about it :)

Exclusion of, even a single creature, for balance purposes, should imply that a creatures could be excluded, for balance purposes. I'd even go further, and saying for the sake of a tournament, it makes even more sense to ban the more limited creature - rather than the commonly accessible one: A creature that all can possess hardly provide an advantage to any specific individual.

Edited by Demonic God
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